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The home décor and lifestyle industry came out on the other end of the COVID-19 pandemic with a much stronger performance than at the start. Its success, against the backdrop of many failing sectors, is largely owed to the extended periods spent at home due to the rise of social media, and a growing emphasis on sustainability. One of the most notable trends has been the emergence of lifestyle brands in homewares. These brands, characterized by trend-driven, fashion-forward home products, have flourished as consumers increasingly view their home style as an extension of their personal fashion style. The rise of lifestyle brands has seen a wave of new entrants into the home decor market, particularly from fashion retailers. Clothing brands like H&M, Zara, and Next have expanded their offerings to include homewares, capitalizing on their established brand identities and customer bases. Pretty Little Thing, a popular online fashion retailer, recently launched its homewares range, PLT Home. This new collection includes soft furnishings, tableware, bedding, storage options and decorative accessories such as candles and dried flowers. Environmental consciousness is another crucial trend shaping the home décor and lifestyle sector. Green credentials have become a significant determinant of purchasing decisions, particularly among younger shoppers. Environmental factors are prioritized by a quarter of consumers aged 16-34, especially those living in urban areas and households with incomes over £50,000. This demographic is highly concerned with air quality and pollution, which influences their preference for sustainable home products. Despite the growing interest in sustainability, the home accessories market still has room for improvement. The fashion industry, closely tied to home accessories, is already feeling the pressure from consumers to adopt more sustainable practices. This demand for greener products is an opportunity for home decor retailers to attract environmentally-conscious customers and boost in-store traffic.


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