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DSEI 2025, London, UK

9 - 12 Sep 2025
Rapid technological advancement has ingrained itself across the entire vertical chain of the security industry, which sees increasing changes to its approach. Technology has fundamentally altered the way we think about security and carry out military operations. Perhaps one of the biggest trends to be the quickest to embrace is additive manufacturing for its speed, reliability and affordability in the long run. Additive manufacturing, most widely known as 3D printing, can swiftly produce essential components regardless of scale. In a few minutes, you can print vehicle parts in a critical moment or print entire on-site structures for a fraction of the time. This technology addresses supply chain challenges as it reduces dependence on traditional manufacturing processes. Digital technologies are propelling defense equipment into new realms of sophistication. The development of directed energy and hypersonic weapons, exemplified by the US Department of Defense's pursuit of hypersonic missiles, marks a significant leap. Additionally, there's a growing emphasis on eco-friendly alternatives. Manufacturers turn to electric propulsion and green fuels in order to align with net-zero emission goals. The IoMT, meanwhile, is revolutionizing military operations through interconnected devices and real-time data-sharing. Soldiers, vehicles, drones and bases connect together into a seamless network. Commanders reap multiple benefits such as automation, situational awareness and enough data to improve decision making. As IoMT evolves, we can expect integration with sensors, vehicles, robots and weapons to further optimize military strategies. Robotics and autonomous systems have been perhaps the first frontier the defense and security sectors have pursued since the turn of the century. Today, new hardware and software capabilities have ushered in a new crop of products that enhance situational awareness and reduce the physical and cognitive workload on soldiers. These systems contribute to landmine clearance, explosive ordnance disposal, search and rescue missions, and undersea navigation and surveillance.


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