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The global book publishing industry, like many others, has had its fair share of challenges, with economic fluctuations and shifting consumer preferences creating a volatile landscape. However, the recent pandemic led to further disruptions, slowing down the release of physical print books due to supply chain constraints and limited operational capacity for publishers. While traditional brick-and-mortar bookstores closed doors, online retailers stepped in in order to ensure readers had books delivered directly to their doorsteps. This transition, however, came with its challenges. Smaller publishers, unable to keep pace with the changes, found themselves grappling with low profitability and were forced to exit the market. As the effects of the pandemic slowly subsided, publishers faced another hurdle - rising paper prices. This, in turn, resulted in higher book prices for consumers. Nevertheless, the increasing enthusiasm for reading persisted, and bookstores saw a resurgence in customer footfall. The book publishing industry demonstrated resilience, with a steady revenue growth, reflecting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 0.2%. In 2023, the industry's estimated revenue reached a substantial $132.4 billion, accompanied by a 1.1% surge in that year alone. In North Asia, where literature holds a rich and enduring legacy, readers have a voracious appetite for both fiction and nonfiction works. Moreover, the acquisition of translated materials is a common practice to facilitate international business integration. Smaller publishers, while facing challenges due to a lack of economies of scale, continue to make their mark in the industry. Emerging markets, characterized by rising income levels, are set to experience a surge in per capita spending on books. The industry is also witnessing the growth of platforms and services focused on summarizing nonfiction book content. Leading this space is Blinkist, a Berlin-based startup with 23 million users, which condenses books into audio and text summaries known as ""blinks.""


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