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The music won’t stop playing for days at Tanzmesse – the cultural festival dedicated to the artists of dance. Dancers and fans will flock to the town and if you plan on attending, then consider booking a hotel room as early as possible with the help of GETA ltd.

GETA ltd makes sure your business trip runs smoothly and your accommodation is near the festival’s grounds or in an area that has direct public transportation. We have hand-selected offers that fit any budget, so you devote your attention to Tanzmesse and its intense program filled with contemporary dance, the most daring of which being the “Performance Parcours” – part dance, part pure athleticism. Tanzmesse is as much dedicated to the public as it is meant for the professionals as well. Choreographers, company leaders, agents and dancers chat, exchange experience and forge connections.

Be a part of this enthralling and vibrant environment and let GETA ltd find you the right hotel room.

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