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Germany, Nurnberg
1 year
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PCIM Europe comes around again, this time in Nuremberg, Germany, with the latest news, innovations and solutions in the fields of energy management, renewable energy and electronics. There’s not much time left until the event, so make sure you book a hotel for PCIM Europe quickly. For great hotel offers, turn to GETA ltd.

GETA ltd takes charge of your travel arrangements so you can focus on PCIM Europe and its extensive program. The exhibition covering the major changes in power electronics is coupled with an international conference where experts from all around the world will come and discuss the current state for the industry, address important challenges and impart vital know-how. For this reason, you deserve the best hotel accommodation and we deliver. You get a reservation close to the exhibition grounds to save you time and make commuting easier – all at prices aimed to cut down on your expenses and allow you to budget easier.

Enjoy your participation at PCIM Europe with a carefully organized business trip from GETA ltd.

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