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abf concerns itself with the automotive industry. The exhibition comes to Hannover, Germany, to present the newest models of automobiles, motorcycles, caravans and camping accessories to an audience of 80,000 – both fans and involved in the industry. The event lasts for five days with the participation of over 500 international exhibitors. If you intend to make an appearance, then make sure you make a hotel reservation early on through GETA ltd – the best tool for those professionals who find themselves on the road.

GETA ltd manages a large database with hotel offers over the whole city to satisfy every need and reach every standard. You want a hotel room that falls within your price range? A hotel room that sits close to the abf exhibition centre? A hotel that has access to public transport? You can find all of this with GETA ltd, so your visit to abf is memorable. The event organizers promise car shows with the most technologically advanced vehicles and components on display as well as a section dedicated to vintage cars and motorcycles.

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