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Organisers have announced that the long-running Aqua Nor trade fair will be proceeding without delay from 24 to 27 August, 2021 at the Trondheim Spektrum in Trondheim, Norway. Attendees may expect the latest COVID-19 health and safety measures to be implemented at the venue and will also be expected to comply.

A Brief Overview of Aqua Nor

Aqua Nor is a crucial international exhibition for the aquaculture industry. For over 30 years now the event has been a major showcase platform for all products, services, technologies, research and development projects in the sector. It’s been the place to push forward innovations, agree on a course of action for the future and arrive at collective solutions to some of the biggest problems on the moment.

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

Aqua Nor remains a singular event of its kind on the territory of Europe, which makes it the prime destination for all major players in the industry to meet and establish connections, but there is so much more to the exhibition:

  • Aqua Nor stands at the intersection of numerous industries: city sanitation, forestry and agriculture, public services, landscape gardening, livestock farming, waste disposal;
  • 20,000+ visitors from 76 nations have attended;
  • The program features seminars, mini-conferences, lectures, debates and presentations.

Industry Relevance

Aqua Nor has been running since 1979 at the Trondheim Spektrum on a biennial basis and in that time, the exhibition has built a thriving community that works together to push forward the industry into its next era. The product portfolio features aquaculture, fish farming equipment, water supply, water technology breeding, feed and feeding regimes, biomass control, nets, handling of fish, construction and operation of floating cages, safety equipment, veterinary medicine, vaccines. You also have the presence of all major aquaculture nations to further the communication and the program even features a boat ride to Trondheim Fjord, where you can observe companies in real time.

Who Are You Going to Meet?

As mentioned above, Aqua Nor sees delegations from aquaculture nations, which translates to seeing the entire industry value chain inhabiting one space. The background of the visitors varies to a great degree as well, which is certainly boosted from the diversity in specialized, informative events scheduled within the support program. The Innovation Award and the Environment Award pull in start-ups, manufacturers, engineers, suppliers and producers who are dedicating to pushing the boundaries of technology and sustainability. It’s interesting to note, Aqua Nor also pulls in new talent all thanks to the Student Day initiative that brings in students who wish to find work.

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