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Event Update

Art Paris 2025 will be held as a live event in the Grand Palais Ephemere between 03.04.2025 and 06.04.2025.

A Brief Overview of Art Paris Art Fair 

Art Paris Art Fair celebrates the beauty, mission, statement and unique point of view of modern art across all mediums and borders. It’s an art fair unlike any other taking place right next door to Paris’ most famous monument – the Eiffel Tower. The art fair gathers international artists from all over the world and creates breathtaking visual narratives that feel timely. Don’t miss out on the chance to reach an enthusiastic audience composed of the top art professionals of world renown.

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It?

Art Paris Art Fair creates the perfect opportunities to meet the right kind of contacts in person. The art fair attracts prestigious galleries, talent and collectors, so you’ll have an easy time growing your professional network. If you’re trying to find the right kind of buyer, then this is the avenue that generates first-rate buzz. This is why: 

  • 134 exhibitors from 25 countries 
  • 900+ artists represented 
  • 40% foreign participants 
  • 33% newcomers
  • 68,787 visitors
  • 103 media partners

Industry Relevance 

Art Paris Art Fair comes from humble beginnings as a fledgling art event held for the first time in 1999, which has since then become one of the most incisive and relevant fairs worldwide during its 25-year history. Run by France Conventions in tandem with the fair director Guillaume Piens, Art Paris Art Fair arrives each spring towards the end of March at the Grand Palais Ephemere opposite the Eiffel Tower. Its mission is to foster discovery especially outside the European art world and explore the ins and outs of modern and contemporary art.

A selection committee shapes the look, feel and message of each edition. For 2023, the committee includes Carina Andres Thalmann, Galerie Andres Thalmann (Zurich), Romain Degoul, Galerie Paris-B (Paris), Diane Lahumière, Galerie Lahumière (Paris), Marie-Ange Moulonguet, art consultant and collector, Emilie Ovaere-Corthay, Galerie Jean Fournier (Paris) and Pauline Pavec, Galerie Pauline Pavec (Paris). The committee is in charge of selecting the galleries and shows that will be featured, as well as guide the theme. 

It’s important to note that Art Paris is a truly cosmopolitan fair, which regularly works to cast the spotlight on the individual art scenes thriving in many countries and continents. Past examples include Russia (2013), China (2014), Singapore and Southeast Asia (2015), Korea (2016), Africa (2017), Switzerland (2018), Latin America (2019) and the Iberian Peninsula (2020).

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to the galleries that regularly showcase at Art Paris. Think Almine Rech, Continua, Lelong & Co., Mennour, Perrotin, Templon, Nathalie Obadia, Dina Vierny, Catherine Putman and Maria Lund. You get to see the full landscape of local and regional French art in all of its facets. Organisers also report the inclusion of 44 new galleries, which is a further testament to the lasting legacy of Art Paris. 

With 40% foreign nationals, Art Paris is also deeply interested in global art. You’ll find galleries from Chile, Uganda, Romania, Lebanon, South Korea, Spain, Hong Kong, Belgium, the USA, Switzerland, Italy, Colombia, Beirut, Morocco and Austria among many others. 

You’ll definitely get to meet with curators, gallerists, collectors, art critics, journalists and artists at all points in their careers, of course. 

Additional Value of Attending 

There’s much to see, much to enjoy. The majority focus on French art creates fertile grounds for newcomers to modern and contemporary art no matter where they work in France to find their names on the wider national stage. “Promises” is dedicated to young galleries and emerging artists. Now in its sixth edition, this feature ensures that young talent is able to gain the recognition it so rightfully deserves. Participating galleries can select up to three artists and as an extra incentive, Art Paris handles 45% of their exhibitor fees. In 2023, you can expect nine galleries in this sector.

Art Paris also features 16 solo shows spread throughout the fair, which highlight the brightest voices on the global art scene right now. You’ll encounter names such as Arcangelo, Louise Barbu, Vincent Bioulès, Jérôme Boutterin, Robert Couturier, Jean Dewasne and Alain Josseau among many others. 

Beyond these solo exhibitions, visitors will be delighted to learn of the feature of 10 duo shows held by galleries, which wish to start a conversation between artists of the past, or between different generations.

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How to get to ART PARIS ART FAIR

On Foot

On Foot

Airport Charles de Gaulle – not advisable

Haussmann St Lazare Station – 22 mins via Rue Tronchet



By Car

Airport Charles de Gaulle – 1hr via A1

Haussmann St Lazare Station – 8 mins via Boulevard Haussmann



By Public Transport

Airport Charles de Gaulle – 52 mins via RER B and RER C

Haussmann St Lazare Station – 9 mins via Metro 9