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Event Update

The 2025 edition of Automechanika Istanbul will take place between 12.06.2025 and 15.06.2025. The venue where the live exhibition will take place is the Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center.

A Brief Overview of Automechanika Istanbul 

Automechanika Istanbul presents a unique opportunity for players in the automotive aftermarket as the international trade show taps into a lot of regions. Whether you want to trade with countries in the CIS region, North Africa, the Middle East or Europe, this is where you can do it all. This event is one of many from the Automechanika family, which extends to 17 locations total around the world and is a trusted brand. Discover the best solutions and products and position your brand to a strong selection of buyers. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It 

Anyone who wants to break into the Middle East as a market and tap into new regions has the best chance at Automechanika Istanbul. Istanbul’s strategic location between the West, East and South creates the ideal conditions to establish contacts with buyers from all over the world. Everyone who attends has one goal in mind – make purchases. As an exhibitor, you stand to form valuable partnerships and boost sales numbers, especially on new products. The pandemic still affects the show’s performance, Automechanika Istanbul still managed to break records: 

  • 825+ international exhibitors from 28 countries showed up;
  • 48,000+ international trade visitors flew in;
  • 141 countries were represented in total
  • 12 halls
  • 7 pavilions 

Industry Relevance 

Automechanika Istanbul is an annual event, which is held either in April or May, based in Istanbul, Turkey. The international trade show is a recent addition to the Automechanika portfolio – the first edition was held in 2001 out of the Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center. Automechanika Istanbul brings to the table the entire automotive aftermarket value chain. 

The exhibition halls feature workshop equipment, tuning, car washes, electronics, automotive parts, accessories, maintenance, lacquers, disinfections, care products, environment protection and related services. There’s a lot to be gained from your attendance as this automotive show is a centre for innovation. This is best showcased through the newly added event - “E-mobility and Future Technologies”, which looks at the future of mobility as we know it. Because the show is such a successful B2B platform, exhibitors make sure to time product releases to coincide with the latest edition. Product launches are the most effective way to introduce new products, create buzz and get the public’s reaction. 

New technologies definitely take centre stage and the biggest movement currently points towards energy-efficient, green modes of transportation. The rise of e-mobility is reflected in the special E-Mobility zone dedicated to the future technologies of mobility and logistic solutions, vehicles, devices and software. Experience the future first hand. 

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

Automechanika Istanbul is more of a showcase for Turkish manufacturers, which is not surprising since the Turkish Ministry of Trade is one of the biggest investors in the trade show. That’s why you see a lot of native brands such as ATEKS MOTORLU ARAÇLAR, TEMEL GASKETS, İBRAŞ KAUÇUK OTOMOTİV, VADEN & YILDIZ PUL OTOMOTIV MOTOR, and OTO CONTA. Outside of Turkey, there are several major participant countries with their own national pavilions – Germany, Korea, Morocco, Pakistan, Poland, India and China. 

The diversity comes through in the audience. You have trade visitors coming in from Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Ukraine, Tunisia, Russia, Bulgaria, Palestine. These are mostly buyers, exporters and importers, and suppliers. Automechanika Istanbul creates perfect conditions to launch products and generate buzz across multiple markets. Because the trade show is a branch of a German brand, each edition has a German pavilion, which gives access to this market. 

Additional Value of Attendance 

The pandemic has certainly forced organisers to embrace digital solutions and expand the format to better serve the automotive industry. This led to the Automechanika Istanbul Plus platform – the digital platform that allows companies to participate not just in person, but online and reach the maximum audience. Trade visitors without the means to attend can still do market research and inform themselves on new technologies. With the B2B matchmaking system in place, you can still benefit from the high-value networking taking place during Automechanika Istanbul. The platform is a definitive success with 27,876 users signing up for the last edition. 

The best possible event to expand your knowledge and deepen your understanding of very specific areas of expertise is the Automechanika Academy. It’s the biggest support event held during the exhibition portion. Over the course of three days, you can sign up for informative and interactive seminars, workshops, trainings featuring domestic and international expert speakers. The speakers are selected from all parts of the industry as well as associations and academics. If you’re working in R&D, design and production, Automechanika Academy delivers incredible value every single edition. 

Of course, the support programme doesn’t exhaust itself with only one special event. There’s IBIS (the International Bodyshop Industry Symposium) – a conference and networking provider for collision industry leaders and influencers. It’s been held since 2001 and lines up perfectly with the value of Automechanika Istanbul. It’s a leader in the industry and connects markets like the USA, Ireland, South Africa, Italy, the Middle East, Turkey and China. Another highly anticipated event is the Es Garaj where gifted mechanics give visitors an incredible show. Classic cars transform into works of art by combining creative modifications and today’s cutting edge technologies. The end result is something not to be missed. 

If that’s not enough for visitors, they can check out the Simulator Supported Welding Applications Workshop, OSS Conference, and the Contest of Masters for Car Wrapping, Car Care and Window Tint.

Past editions

Automechanika Istanbul 2024

23.05.2024 - 26.05.2024

Automechanika Istanbul

1 450



Exhibitor countries

43 000

m2 of event space

60 000+


Hybrid: digital + live

1 437



Exhibitor countries

58 024



Increase in visitor attendance rate compared to 2022


Increase in digital users compared to 2022

60 000+

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Exhibitor countries


International visitors

Hybrid due to Covid: digital + live


increase in visitation of the digital platform

Format of the event: hybrid




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How to get to Automechanika Istanbul

On Foot

On Foot

Istanbul Airport – not advisable

Istanbul Otogar Bus Terminal – not advisable


By Car

Istanbul Airport – 45 mins via D569 and Kuzey Marmara Otoyolu

Istanbul Otogar Bus Terminal – 1hr5mins via Avrupa Otoyolu/O-3/E80


By Public Transport

Istanbul Airport – not advisable

Istanbul Otogar Bus Terminal – 1hr25mins via transports 34BZ and M1A