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Event Update

Bauen & Moderniesen's 2024 edition will take place between 26.09.2024-29.09.2024. Organisers have stressed that an extensive COVID-19 prevention plan will not be implemented due to the removal of the related domestic restrictions. The country at present does not have travel limitations in place.

A Brief Overview of Bauen & Modernisieren 

When it comes to the building and HVAC sectors in Switzerland, Bauen & Modernisieren stands out as the definitive meeting point for manufacturers and the general public. It’s the must-see event on the calendar that regularly pulls in thousands to attend. Held in Zurich, Switzerland, the trade fair goes over all the newest technologies, solutions and products available on the market to help visitors plan the perfect building or renovation project. You connect to your target audience and leave at the end of the fair with high sales and direct orders. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It 

Bauen & Modernisieren offers a glimpse into the future of building. If you’re looking to leave a mark on the Swiss market, Bauen & Modernisieren is where you need to be. Booking an exhibition stand pays for itself with the first-day sales you’ll make. The trade fair is all about launching new products and converting potential buyers. Even the pandemic couldn’t dent the fair as Bauen & Modernisieren has kept performing well: 

  • 10,000 international visitors
  • 120 international exhibitors 

Industry Relevance 

Bauen & Modernisieren, held annually at the MCH Swiss Exhibition in Zurich, has been a truly monumental event in the Swiss building industry since its establishment in 1969. The trade fair attracts national and international exhibitors who showcase a comprehensive range of products that reflect the changing landscape of building, construction, renovations and HVAC. Over its 50 years on the market, it’s become a staple for construction projects in Switzerland. Whether visitors are planning to build a new house, remodel an existing one, or seek innovative and trendy items, Bauen & Modernisieren offers an ideal platform for product discovery. 

Taking place each September, Bauen & Modernisieren serves as a launch pad for the latest designs, products, equipment and materials associated with building and renovations. Buyers can buy every single thing they need no matter what they wish to accomplish and the exhibition floor showcases the following major product categories: 

  • Energy l Smart Home l Mobility
  • Security
  • Home and Architecture
  • Building Envelope
  • Heating l Ventilation l Cooling
  • Kitchen and Bathroom
  • Interior Design
  • Furniture and Home Design
  • House and Garden
  • Sauna and Spa 

The trade fair features various special areas that guide visitors through thematic zones, providing focused showcases of specific topics. KlimaWelten, for instance, is dedicated to HVAC and walks visitors through all the latest developments in climate control technology. The igaltbau area keeps track of sustainable restoration, emphasising environmentally friendly approaches. Additionally, the Swiss Made marketplace highlights the most recent designs completed by established Swiss businesses, showcasing their craftsmanship and expertise. 

In addition to the exhibition part, Bauen & Modernisieren offers an interactive supporting program that combines entertainment and educational fringe events. Visitors can attend specialist lectures presented by industry experts, gaining valuable insights into relevant topics such as smart homes, digitalization in building, alternative energy sources, and sustainable interior design trends. These lectures provide a platform for knowledge exchange and empower attendees to make informed decisions regarding their building projects. 

Bauen & Modernisieren stays at the forefront of industry trends and innovations, addressing the transformative topics that shape the sector. For example, the trade fair recognizes the growing importance of energy and electromobility. With electric mobility gaining momentum, there is a pressing need for innovative, climate-neutral concepts. The Charging Current and Electromobility forum at the fair has garnered significant interest, showcasing solutions for charging infrastructures in single and multi-family houses. The Architecture Forum, focusing on Solar Architecture and Mobility, has also been well-received, providing firsthand information for architects, planners, public sector representatives, and building enthusiasts. 

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

Bauen & Modernisieren has a more limited focus when it comes to visitor groups. The trade fair is targeted towards the Swiss market. You’re going to connect with visitors travelling from the Greater Zurich area, Oberland and Unterland, Aargau, Zug, Schaffhausen, Eastern Switzerland, Ausserschwyz, Glarus and the Linth plain. Doors are open to everyone including the general public that consists of homeowners, who are interested in purchasing new properties, renovating or just building one themselves. Of course, you’ll get a chance to network with planners, architects, other building professionals and skilled trade professionals. 

The exhibitor list is quite comprehensive as well with names such as Condair, CKW, Crea Glass, Ideal Handlauf, impuls immobilien ag, Invent AG, elmoove, Euro Radiästhesie Schweiz, Garage Gerstl AG, Geberit Vertriebs, PLUG'N ROLL powered by Repower and Parkett Käppeli. 

Additional Value of Attending 

Bauen & Modernisieren offers a variety of events and special areas that cater to the diverse needs and interests of its visitors be they homeowners or building professionals. These curated spaces create opportunities for next-level networking, but also deepen industry knowledge and provoke discussions on hot topics and challenges. One of the highlights are the HEV Seminars organised by the Swiss Homeowners' Association (HEV). 

The Forum Architecture is a dedicated event that focuses on the subject of "Solar Architecture and Mobility." This event brings together architects, planners, representatives from the public sector, builders, investors, and individuals interested in the building industry. The Forum Security looks into the most common issues homeowners face when it comes to burglary protection, monitoring and alarm systems. 

Finally, we have to mention Marketplace “Swiss Manufactories” – the special area that showcases the craftsmanship and products of Swiss players in the industry. With a focus on quality and suitability for future generations, this marketplace celebrates Swiss craftsmanship and promotes the ideals of sustainability.

Past editions

Bauen & Modernisieren 2023

21.09.2023 - 24.09.2023

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How to get to Bauen & Modernisieren

On Foot

On Foot

Zurich Airport – Not Advisable

Zurich Oerlikon – 9 mins via Wallisellenstrasse



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Zurich Airport – 9 mins via Thurgauerstrasse

Zurich Oerlikon – 7 mins via Binzmühlestrasse



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Zurich Airport – 13 mins via IC1

Zurich Oerlikon - 4 mins via 61