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Event Update

BAUExpo 2025 will be a live trade show hosted in Messe Giesen between 07.03.2025 and 09.03.2025. It will not feature Covid-19 safety precautions due to the removal of the pandemic-related limitations. 

A Brief Overview of BAUExpo

Homeowners and construction professionals in the Hesse region in Germany rely on BAUExpo for the best building materials, equipment and tools. The international trade fair is a thriving direct purchase platform that connects manufacturers with buyers at all levels. When it comes to the new trends in building, financing and land deals, BAUExpo is where you can do it all. 

The upcoming BAUExpo in 2024 is going to be one of the biggest after the pandemic, so be quick to book your hotel rooms in Giessen. GETA ltd handles your hotel accommodation for BAUExpo and delivers results within a single business day. The right price? Check. Quality accommodation? Check. Booking hotels close to Messe Giessen? Check. It’s our mission to make business travel affordable and deliver the top hotel rates in Giessen. 

Why Your Visit Is Worth It

Exhibitors are in a great position to generate direct sales. BAUExpo creates a great atmosphere to meet with buyers from homeowners to trade professionals. There’s always active search and the costs associated with booking a fair booth are quickly returned in sales leads. Find out what current customer attitudes are. The numbers are very promising: 

  • 300 exhibitors showcase their products 
  • 10,000 of trade and public visitors attend 
  • 14,000 sq. metres of exhibition space

Industry Relevance 

BAUExpo represents the full range of building and construction products, which makes it the first choice on a regional level for all kinds of buyers. The trade fair is based in Giessen, Germany and has been an active part of the local construction industry since 1995. Editions run for three days in February at Messe Giessen. Its biggest strength lies in the extensive product assortment that covers materials, machinery and tools, renovation and modernisation solutions, indoor and outdoor furnishings, land and real estate offers. 

The addition of special exhibits like Smart Home, Security in House and Apartment and Barrier-free Building and Living open doors to new technologies and informs the whole community of the next logical steps in the construction industry. 

Here's a full breakdown of the product categories showcased at BAUExpo: 

  • Renovation/modernization of old buildings, monument preservation
  • Barrier-free building & living
  • Construction machinery and tools, building materials
  • Building materials, building protection
  • Advice, planning, financing
  • roof, wall and facade
  • windows, doors, gates
  • Prefabricated and solid houses
  • garden equipment and tools
  • Garden and landscape design
  • Land and real estate offers
  • Home and building technology
  • Interior design and furnishing
  • Sanitary, heating and water technology
  • security technology
  • Smart Home

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

The brands that are in the spotlight are German based and names include WEKA Media GmbH & Co. KG, Deutsches Energieberater-Netzwerk (DEN) e. V., DVH-Fellinger GmbH, Carsten Frahm Verlag and Architekturblatt Friederike to Baben-von Trotha. A big portion of visitors are homeowners, who come to look for advice and materials. BAUExpo is very child friendly and creates a very welcoming atmosphere. 

The trade fair also sells prefabricated houses and gives advice on different stages of construction. The rest are professionals such as developers, contractors, tradesmen and manufacturers, who in addition to trying to make purchases look forward to networking and getting up to speed with market trends. BAUExpo organises a support programme with local experts giving lectures and talks.

Additional Value of Attending

BAUExpo keeps its eyes firmly focused on the future of construction and domestic life, which is why in addition to the standard product offerings organisers have designated two special zones – Smart Home and Security.

The concept of Smart Home is rapidly becoming an intrinsic facet of modern living. In an era of digital transformation, the ability to remotely manage and monitor one's living space has evolved from a novelty to a practical necessity. Whether it's adjusting the thermostat, remotely operating window shutters, or initiating the home sound system from a distance, the connected home has transitioned into an indispensable companion.

Reflecting this major shift, the ‘living of the future’ stands front and centre at BAUExpo. The focus is not solely on elevated comfort, but also on enhanced flexibility and energy efficiency. The Smart Home zone serves as an interactive showcase of these concepts, illustrating how technology can seamlessly integrate into the domestic environment, elevating convenience and sustainability.

Equally important is the issue of security. A safe and secure living environment is integral to quality of life. At BAUExpo's Security zone, visitors are presented with solutions to promote home safety from the outset of construction. Exhibitors present a spectrum of options, encompassing both mechanical and electronic approaches to security. This encompasses everything from fortified gates, burglar-resistant doors and windows featuring safety glass to cutting-edge keyless entry systems, alert systems, fire alarms, and surveillance technology.

Construction and the energy sector go hand in hand, which is why BAUExpo addresses its role by integrating the specialist exhibition ENERGIE into its format. ENERGIE looks at the variety of advancements made in energy- and cost-efficient construction practices. Visitors can inspect the full spectrum of strategies and solutions to reduce energy expenses. The exhibition serves as a knowledge hub, answering the most crucial questions visitors ask themselves: How can energy costs be effectively minimised? What are the most impactful investment choices? What funding opportunities are presently available?

Exhibitors are not just there to offer products, but provide detailed explanations and answer any questions visitors might have. They offer invaluable advice on aspects ranging from financial incentives for adopting new systems to strategic alterations in construction methods. Renovation-minded individuals, in particular, will find a wealth of information about grants and exchange bonuses that can support their plans.

The exhibition's thematic coverage of energy-related matters is seamlessly intertwined with a solid lineup of expert lectures. These lectures, a staple of the specialist program, illuminate diverse facets of energy efficiency, offering in-depth insights and practical guidance. The ENERGIE exhibition spans a diverse number of themes. You’ll be able to stay on top of industry trends and innovations in bio heating oil, energy renovation techniques, energy advisory services and energy passes, a range of energy-efficient systems and services, the integration of energy efficiency with emerging construction materials, geothermal technologies, and much more.

Past editions

BAUExpo 2024

08.03.2024 - 10.03.2024




10 000+




How to get to BAUExpo

On Foot

On Foot

Frankfurt Airport – not advisable

Giesse Hbf – 16 mins via Lahnstrasse



By Car

Frankfurt Airport – 45 mins via A5

Giesse Hbf – 8 mins via Bahnhofstrasse



By Public Transport

Frankfurt Airport – 1hr13mins via ICE623 and RB41

Giesse Hbf – 10 mins via RB41