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!!! Important !!! The 2020 edition of BIJORHCA PARIS has been officially cancelled by the organisers due to coronavirus.

BIJORHCA PARIS, the international trade show for the fashion and jewellery sectors, brings together the leading designers, brands and tastemakers from around the world for another packed four-day event. Held in Paris, France, with more than 500 exhibitors expected to register and more than 15,000 industry insiders coming to see them. With numbers like there you need to book a hotel for BIJORHCA PARIS as early as possible. Lucky for you, GETA ltd knows all the good deals in town.

GETA ltd knows how to arrange hotel accommodation for exhibitions and we’ve developed an extensive database with hotels, guesthouses and apartment buildings in Paris. All we need from you is a price range and a preference in location. Based on that, you receive a custom list with BIJORHCA PARIS hotels. You save money, effort and time, best invested in making your visit a success. BIJORHCA PARIS will come bigger than ever and serves as the ideal platform to find investors, buyers and launch careers.

Wherever you want to stay for BIJORHCA PARIS, GETA ltd can arrange it for you!

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