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A Brief Overview of BIOTEC

BIOTEC is a recent event to come out of China. It’s short for China International Biotechnology Conference & Exhibition with only a handful edition so far. BIOTEC is part conference for the scientific community to come together and exchange expertise, and part exhibition for cutting-edge companies and developers across multiple sectors to join together. There’s a great balance between business and knowledge. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

There’s a strategic advantage to attend an exhibition that’s still in its early stages. You don’t have to compete for attention and can take the time to build an audience in a new market. BIOTEC has much promise and even right now the statistics are good: 

• 1000+ conference attendees

• Up to 200 international exhibitors 

• 67,000+ sq. metres of exhibition space 

Industry Relevance 

First established in 2017, BIOTEC is the premier conference and exhibition in China for related sectors in the biotechnology field. China is in the middle of quick modernization and one of the areas is biotechnology. BIOTEC is proof there’s interest and resources in China. The event takes place once a year in fall. Editions are scheduled for October and are held at the China Medical City Convention and Exhibition Center, which is a new modern facility with all the right equipment and conditions to host a scientific exhibition. The product portfolio is also one that can’t be beat. Visitors will discover the best in culture equipment, raw materials, stirring devices, reagents, data storage services databases, biobanks, genomic diagnostics equipment, culture media and automatic pipetting equipment. You have access to the entire Chinese market and also get to see what other international exhibitors bring to the table. 

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

BIOTEC is predominantly a Chinese event and sources scientists and buyers from all around the country, but it’s also a meeting point for scientists and researchers from other Asian countries. Since the start, organisers have also worked towards attracting foreigners through a hosted media program aimed at raising promotions. Because the conference and exhibition cover a lot of sectors, there is also a lot of different professions present. Exhibitors have a chance to network with medical device manufacturers, biobanks, systems medicine researches, database construction companies, genomic medicine researchers, cosmetics researchers, trading companies and distributors.

The Latest News on COVID 

G&M Expo feels optimistic about the upcoming edition of the China International Biotechnology Conference & Exhibition. The official dates for BIOTEC 2022 have been set for September 17th – September 19th and you can expect a safe event concept. The exhibition grounds at the China Medical City Convention and Exhibition Center will be thoroughly sanitized and feature first-rate COVID-19 preventive measures in accordance with government guidelines. China has pioneered a lot of the health and safety measures and BIOTEC 2022 will employ them all. You can expect health passes, mandatory masking, social distancing and thorough sanitation to be enforced for the entire duration of the conference. 

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