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A Brief Overview of BIOTEC 

BIOTEC is the most recent event to come out of China and a quickly rising star in the field of biotechnology on a global level. It’s short for China International Biotechnology Conference & Exhibition and delivers an exciting in-depth programme with top international speakers. BIOTEC is part conference for the scientific community to come together and exchange expertise, and part exhibition for cutting-edge companies and developers across multiple sectors to join together. There’s a great balance between business and knowledge. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It 

There’s a strategic advantage to attending an exhibition that’s still in its early stages. You’re among the very first exhibitors and have more opportunities to form lasting connections. Plus, BIOTEC opens the doors to the larger Chinese market. Biotechnology is currently experiencing growth and buyers are eager to source new products, especially when they come from a foreign company. Here are the key numbers to consider: 

  • 1500+ conference attendees
  • Up to 200 international exhibitors
  • 67,000+ sq. metres of exhibition space 

Industry Relevance 

First held in 2017, BIOTEC is the premier conference and exhibition in China for related sectors in the biotechnology field. China is in the middle of quick modernization and one of the areas is biotechnology. BIOTEC is proof there’s interest and resources in China. The event takes place once a year in the fall. Editions are scheduled for October and are held at the China Medical City Convention and Exhibition Center. 

China Medical City (CMC) is no ordinary exhibition centre, but a proper city of its own that has been designated as a centre for scientific research and healthcare. The city covers an area of 30 sq. kilometres and is China's first national medical high-tech zone. CMC has several distinctive areas and facilities for scientific research and development, exhibition and trade, health and medical, education and teaching and a comprehensive supporting area. This is the joint project of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ministry of Science and Technology, National Health and Family Planning Commission, China Food and Drug Administration, and the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government. 

China Medical City has such an important role to play as the true centre of progress for the bio-medical industry in China. It is a key component in China’s 13-year plan for modernization and provides the city of Taizhou with increased business and growth. The exhibition centre is a new modern facility with all the right equipment and conditions to host a scientific exhibition. 

BIOTEC boasts one of the richest product portfolios among its peers. The general zone alone has the latest and best in biotechnology applications, cell products and biologics, drug research & development, therapeutics, diagnostic reagents, bio-manufacturing and biological engineering, and this is just a small taste. In addition, visitors will discover new exciting advancements in the special zones all across the exhibition halls. There’s the Contract Services Zone, Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Research Zone, Genome Zone, Fine Processing Zone, Drug Discovery Support Equipment, Reagents, Services; Measuring & Analysis Zone, Biopharmaceutical Development Zone and Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Zone. 

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

BIOTEC is predominantly a Chinese event and sources scientists and buyers from all around the country, but it’s also a meeting point for scientists and researchers from other Asian countries. Since the start, organisers have also worked towards attracting foreigners through a hosted media program aimed at raising promotions. 

Because the conference and exhibition cover a lot of sectors, there’s also different career paths represented. Exhibitors have a chance to network with medical device manufacturers, biobanks, systems medicine researches, database construction companies, genomic medicine researchers, cosmetics researchers, trading companies and distributors. 

Additional Value of Attending 

The conference is really the most important part of the whole event. BIOTEC invites only the best of the best to contribute papers and present them to the wider scientific community. The call for papers for 2023 is out and organisers are looking for papers on Biotechnology in Health & Medicine, COVID-19, Emerging Techniques, Technologies and Strategies, Emerging Therapies, Oncology, Cell & Gene Therapies and Genome Editing, Brain Health, and Infectious Diseases & Vaccines. It’s an incredible opportunity to expand your professional network and receive feedback from other peers doing groundbreaking work in China. 

The conference also features a lot of social events to help networking and creating partnerships. In the evenings there are roundtable dinners, while during the day you’re able to sign up for a visit to the park. During the conference itself, there are Q&A sessions and discussion after each report. In total, organisers expect that for 2023 the conference will feature over 100 reports from scientific research institutes, universities, enterprises, and hospitals. 

If you’ve chosen the VIP package, you get another tool to continue your networking and that’s the WeChat group. You’ll be added to the messenger app and grant access to a wide community of professionals operating in the field today. The contacts are of high value as members work as heads of heads of hospitals, research institutes, university universities and production enterprises. A good majority of them are most likely already involved in the conference as speakers. The online chat is a treasure trove of valuable contacts, which you can use to schedule offline meetings.

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