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CEVISAMA brings together the manufacturers of ceramics, tiles, bricks and natural stone in one place to celebrate the current achievements, reveal emerging trends as well as push the industry standards higher. Held in Valencia, Spain, this exhibition sees a dynamic participation from key international manufacturers and attracts trade visitors in the thousands to come and see the best products up for sale. Be the first to have hotel accommodation that meets your needs with GETA ltd to help you select it.

GETA ltd locates the best hotel offers and compiles a comprehensive list of all possible choices that are light on your budget, save you time on your commute and give you mobility with great connections to local transportation system. You have the perfect chance get a full look at the trends emerging for the interior and exterior of the hall and office with products ranging from ceramic tiles and bathroom equipment to glass blocks and display stands.

Meet the industry leaders and expand your business at CEVISAMA with some help on your booking from GETA ltd.

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