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Event Update

CIAACE 2023 will be held in the NCIEC (New China International Exhibition Center) from February 11th to 14th, 2023. Covid-19 safety precautions, like as mandatory mask use, will be implemented at the event. Participants should be aware that, according to the existing travel restrictions, they must present a negative test result up to 48 hours before departure.

A Brief Overview of CIAACE 

CIAACE positions itself as the leader in the auto aftermarket industry in China. It’s the gateway to the larger Chinese and Asian market as well as a source of innovation. The international trade fair drives the industrial development in the region and presents foreign buyers and investors with a lot of opportunities. You discover the best and latest in car accessories, electronics, tuning and car care products in China. It’s a top destination that you should attend, if you want to find serious buyers in China. 

It’s best to make hotel reservations for CIAACE as early as possible. Hundreds of thousands are expected to attend the fair and you want to book a hotel close to the China International Exhibition Center. GETA ltd is your guide to the most affordable hotel deals in Beijing and we handle every detail of your business trip. From booking accommodation to arranging flights to organising an airport transfer, you’re in safe hands. We have experience working with large groups and have a wide network of hotels in Beijing. Enjoy a great stay at reasonable prices close to major transport links in the city. 

Why Your Visit Is Worth It 

CIAACE has a built-in audience since it’s the oldest platform for the automotive market in China. This means all the relevant buyers attend every year and you’re able to generate qualified sales leads easily. If you wish to have a successful product launch and boost initial sales, then this is the venue to do this in a quick sustainable way. You get all your expenses back within the first day. Here is what you can expect from an edition: 

  • 5500 international exhibitors
  • 280,000 international trade visitors from 100+ countries
  • 250,000 square metres of exhibition space available
  • 180,000 products exhibited 

Industry Relevance 

CIAACE (the China International Expo for Auto Electronics, Accessories, Tuning & Car Care) is a major procurement platform on the territory of China. It’s the biggest marketplace for national companies and it also opens the doors of the market to international exhibitors. The first edition took place in 2005 and since then it’s been growing consistently ever since. CIAACE is held on an annual basis in two different locations. Spring editions are held at CIEC (the China International Exhibition Center) in Beijing, which is the one we’re focusing on. Autumn editions are based out of Guangzhou in the South. This format allows for the trade fair to serve the entire country equally and give both editions their own unique profile. 

Beijing makes perfect sense as a host since it’s the primary home to media headquarters, car factory headquarters and 4S headquarters. The location is strategic due to its access to low-cost resources and major buyers, which affect the entire spring procurement in the industry as a whole. Buyers attend, because they have access to the entire value chain including automotive electronics, body repair, chassis, tank systems, tire assembly, repair equipment, corrosion protection, lubricants, vehicle parts, wheels, auto exterior, auto interior and auto tuning. 

CIAACE has even more relevance right now since the automotive market is rapidly changing due to the rise in new energy vehicles - a trend that's been picked up in China as a way to move away from classic fossil fuels. In 2021, the market share sat at 22.9% and the stock passed over 10 million vehicles. The Bank of China Securities predicts that by 2024, the scale of the automotive aftermarket industry will reach 1.74 billion yuan with the new energy vehicle maintenance market solidifying into a blue ocean market. 

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

CIAACE maintains a strong grip over the larger Central, East and South East Asian regions with a lot of exhibitors and trade visitors coming from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan and South Korea. The trade fair keeps a wide reach with a lot of interest from major markets in Australia, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, the USA and Canada. In addition, you also observe players coming from still emerging markets that are yet to become relevant names such as Costa Rica and Kuwait. 

Trade visitors represent dealerships, service providers, manufacturers, workshops, and garages. As a whole, you’re able to connect with decision makers at all points of the processing chain. Most are in senior positions – CEOs, owners, board members and managing directors. Their main goal is to survey new products, make connections and do all their purchases early on. Exhibitors make terrific sales and generate publicity buzz and coverage. 

As far as exhibitors go, you’re in good company as all the world players find their way to the CIEC exhibition floors - Akenori, Castrol Edge Shell Helix, 3M, Tyre Plus, Bavar Forged, Areon, Mahat, Ma Fra and Lukewin. 

Additional Value of Attending 

Of course, there's quite a lot happening outside the product presentations and demonstrations. The supporting programme features events rich in information. There's the China Aftermarket Industry Trend Summit that invites experts to share their vision for the future. You'll hear predictions about the 2023 period as well as get practical advice on how to rebrand and innovate, how to upgrade products and use automation and AI better. 

Another important item you don’t want to miss is the Seminar on New Energy Maintenance and Automotive Carbon Diagnosis, which dives deep into the advancements made into new energy and innovations. The focus falls on carbon removal technology and the best ways to achieve more sustainable technology. 

The Outlook for 2023 

Organisers are hard at work to create an unforgettable experience to all involved especially after the challenges posed by the pandemic. The trade fair opens a brand new chapter with the inclusion of the “China New Energy Automobile Industry Chain Conference” - the first of its kind. It's a mix of exhibition, forum and conference that explore the full potential of the emerging market. There’s a lot of excitement already among trade visitors and manufacturers, who are counting the days until they can meet in person again.

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