CMT Kreuzfahrt- & SchiffsReisen

Germany, Stuttgart
1 year
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Does water call to you? Then come and discover the best new ocean and river cruises at the CMT Kreuzfahrt- & SchiffsReisen event. The trade fair is open to all industry insiders and the open public and lasts for four days. The world’s most renowned travel agents and companies present the hottest trends in ship travel, yacht charters and sailing holidays to crowds in the thousands so be one of the first to secure hotel accommodation with GETA ltd by your side to advise you on the best offers.

GETA ltd has experience in locating and booking hotels for travelling professionals, so what you can expect is a swift, quality service. You gain accommodation in a hotel that meets your budget halfway, sits close to the event to minimize your commute time and has access to the local transport system. This keeps you at the heart of everything and your energy levels high throughout the CMT Kreuzfahrt- & SchiffsReisen dynamic program. You get a glimpse at emerging trends, prices and how the industry has grown, but also get a chance to form partnerships and negotiate deals.

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