DACH+HOLZ International

Germany, Köln
2 years
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Wonder what the latest highlights in the roofs and timber construction sectors are? Then come to DACH+HOLZ International in Germany, to find out. Your business will certainly appreciate it. The trade fair lasts for five days full of celebration as more than 550 exhibitors showcase first grade products and services to an audience of over 47,000 international visitors. Finding the right hotel accommodation is going to be competitive, so leave your travel arrangements to GETA ltd for a fast reservation.

GETA ltd has the perfect offer for professionals on the road and gives you a room that not only fits your budget, but also saves you time and effort commuting to the DACH+HOLZ International exhibition centre, because it lies so close. This ensures you are never too far away from the action and have the perfect opportunity to close in the biggest deals for the year. DACH+HOLZ International has an impressive showroom with products ranging from roofs, walls and interior decoration.

Your business trip to DACH+HOLZ International is a surefire success when GETA ltd has got your back.

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