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Germany, Düsseldorf
6 months
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!!! Important !!! The 2020 Summer edition of CPD Dusseldorf has been officially postponed for August by the organisers due to coronavirus.

Another important fashion event to circle in your calendar is CPD Dusseldorf, which has been a fixture in Germany and attracts buyers from around the entire world. The international trade show is bringing diverse style trends in the hopes to form tastes for the upcoming year. There will be over 800 show rooms and thousands confirmed to visit. Sort out your travel arrangements before hotel prices hike up and get good deals from GETA ltd.

CPD Dusseldorf gives you a superb opportunity to showcase collections and fashion-forward designs to eager crowds that can propel you to new markets and give you a professional boost. Networking here is crucial and one way to gain access to more people is through your accommodation. Book a hotel for CPD Dusseldorf that’s in the general vicinity of the exhibition centre and you’ll be surrounded by potential clients and partners. GETA ltd finds you the closest hotels at preferential rates tailored to your budget. It’s an easy service that streamlines the whole process.

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