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EastPack specializes in the needs, challenges and advancements in the packaging and manufacturing industry with an outlook towards sustainability, automation and industry 4.0 trends. USA is where this international exhibition takes place with an early prognosis estimating over 2000 trade visitors set to make the trip. With these numbers, it’s best you start looking for online hotel reservations as soon as today and GETA ltd can assist you in tailoring your hotel stay to your specific budget and preferences.

Business travel doesn’t need to be tedious to organize once you have GETA ltd by your side to take the brunt of the work. Our team works with you to arrive at the EastPack hotels that make the most sense for your finances and commuting. We help you cut down the overall costs and gain mobility! Even better, we come up with the perfect deals the very next day. You need every advantage at EastPack, given its dynamic program and scope in terms of manufacturing technology. You’re in the perfect position to launch a product and generate direct sales. The conference is also not to be missed.

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