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The digitization of the world has launched a revolution in the distribution, merchandizing and retail sectors. Trends, practices and experience is shared at Equipmag – the trade fair that shines a light on the industry within the context of the digital world. Held in France, the event brings together 500 exhibitors from POS marketing and advertising to design to technology experts. The numbers show that this year the attendance will 25,000 professionals, which makes handling all accommodation your top priority. GETA ltd can help you plan your business trip and stay.

Choose among the many offers GETA ltd has selected within all price ranges and close to the actual expo centre for a relaxed visit that lets you mingle with as many expo goes as possible. Equipmag introduces the new techniques and practices that help online stores and all retailers that go digital to increase sales and sustain their rates. Learn how to foster customer relationships and combine this with shop-to-web and web-to-shop approaches. Equipmag provides you with all the vital information to navigate the online world, so make sure all you do is listen, because GETA ltd will have handed your hotel room search.

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