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Event Update

EUROPORT 2025 will occur as a live trade show in Ahoy Rotterdam between 04.11.2025 and 07.11.2025. The event will not feature Covid-19 safety precautions. This is due to the country removing its pandemic-related limitations. 

A Brief Overview of Europort

Europort occupies a valuable position in the greater maritime sector in Europe as a major source of innovation and showcase of new ship models. The international trade fair examines key major advancements within complex shipbuilding, covering the full value chain. North Europe is a very specific market due to the unique challenges and opportunities caused by rivers. For exhibitors, it will be an exciting chance to find a new audience and stay up to date with emerging tech. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

North Europe is a thriving market when it comes to the maritime sector. As an exhibitor, you come in contact with buyers at the top of the food chain, who are invested in finding the best solutions, equipment and products available on the market today. Qualified sales leads are easy to find and many earn back their travel expenses on the first day. Overall, Europort commands high numbers. Even with the pandemic still ongoing, the trade fair gives you access to: 

  • 40,000 sq. metres of exhibition space 
  • 7 exhibition halls
  • 11 country pavilions
  • 2000+ conference delegates
  • 19,095 international trade visitors from 79 countries
  • 785 exhibitors from 43 countries
  • 71% of exhibitors gave an overall rating between good and excellent
  • 77% of exhibitors are confident or sure to return in 2023
  • 91% of exhibitors claim that Europort is essential for the maritime industry

Industry Relevance 

Every two years, Rotterdam Ahoy becomes the home of international maritime innovations and the very best of shipbuilding during the world-famous, and highly anticipated Europort. First held back in 2005, Europort stands as a monumental gathering for cutting-edge technology and intricate ship construction, cementing its status as one of the world's largest maritime B2B platforms. It’s certainly the most widely visited and celebrated event in Northern Europe, taking advantage of its strategic location. 

Located in the maritime stronghold of Rotterdam, Europort celebrates the profound maritime heritage of the Netherlands, known globally for its reputation for conquering challenging waters and pioneering remarkable maritime projects. This event underscores the Netherlands’ role as a maritime engine of innovation and expertise. High-tech ships take the stage, reflecting the Dutch mastery over the seas, rivers and channels. With a strong focus on nine categories of special-purpose vessels, Europort showcases the pinnacle of maritime engineering.

The maritime industry's breadth is comprehensively covered, spanning from inland waterway to deep-sea shipping, marine, dredging, fishing, and offshore sectors. A diverse spectrum of maritime professionals graces the event, including port services, shipping companies, shipmasters, maintenance and repair experts, shipyards, and more. Here are the nine themed areas: 

  • Superyachts
  • Naval Vessels
  • Offshore Specials
  • Sea Shipping
  • Workboats
  • Fishing Vessels
  • Dredging
  • Cruise & Ferry
  • Inland Shipping

At the heart of Europort stands its robust conference and seminar program, dedicated to advancing technology and insights. It not only serves as a maritime flagship but also extends its influence to maritime trade shows in Istanbul, Qatar, and Romania. Europort Connect, a digital platform, enriches the Europort experience by providing additional event details, contact storage, and exclusive benefits for registered attendees and exhibitors.

The Europort experience goes beyond exhibitions. It encompasses the Europort Opening Summit, C-level masterclasses, the Mare Forum Ship Finance Conference, and esteemed awards such as the Europort Marketing Award and the Young Cooperation Award. Join Europort and be part of the maritime transition, forging resilient and sustainable bonds in the maritime world. Stand at the forefront of maritime innovation – TOGETHER, TODAY, TOMORROW.

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

Europort gathers international industry partners, innovators, cross-industry pioneers, ship owners, manufacturers and other professionals in the maritime business. Europort is a great place to create in-person contacts and exchange information. 

Logic Vision BV, ALFAGOMMA, MARIN, JRC/Alphatron Marine, Mafoder Foundry, Western Baltija Shipbuilding, NAVA Engineering Gdańsk, Besto Lifesaver, Port of Rotterdam and Sea Machines Robotics are only some of the excellent companies to have their stand at Europort year after year as exhibitor satisfaction stands high and 77% of exhibitors confirm their likeliness to return to the trade fair in the future. 

The audience is quite diverse when it comes to international representation. Of course, the biggest numbers come from the Benelux and Scandinavian regions. Nevertheless, you’ll meet with buyers from the UK, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Egypt, Slovenia, Tunisia, Türkiye, Algeria and Israel among others. If we’re to look at the industry sectors, we see the following types of groups: 

  • Supply Industry
  • Ship Owner, Management, Brokerage
  • Engineering, Research and Development
  • Maritime Services
  • Shipbuilding, Repair and Maintenance
  • Government-, Port- and Trade Authorities

Additional Value of Attending 

Young Europort is an initiative to help the next generation of professionals learn about the sector and receive guidance about possible maritime careers. In the face of escalating sustainability crises, the maritime sector finds itself at a crossroads. As a cornerstone of the Dutch economy, this sector presents a plethora of career avenues for students from diverse academic backgrounds, spanning ICT and Logistics to Economics. Whether you're an MBO or WO student, the maritime industry welcomes all to engage in its thriving domain.

The platform promises to provide sufficient insight into the current state of the sector as well as present the spectrum of internships and career prospects a newcomer can choose from to further their professional growth.

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How to get to EUROPORT

On Foot

On Foot

Rotterdam The Hague Airport – not advisable

Rotterdam Centraal Station – not advisable


By Car

Rotterdam The Hague Airport – 32 mins via S103

Rotterdam Centraal Station – 23 mins via S103


By Public Transport

Rotterdam The Hague Airport – 44 mins via 33 and E

Rotterdam Centraal Station – 16 mins via E