Netherlands, Rotterdam
2 years
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Europort plays a vital role for numerous maritime regions as the meeting place for professionals to discuss the future of shipping and shipbuilding with an outlook towards the future, innovations and application of software. The international trade fair is scheduled to kick off in Netherlands. In terms of attendance, more than 30,000 trade visitors are to make the trip, so nail down your hotel accommodation right now and get a good deal from GETA ltd.

GETA ltd makes it easy to book a hotel for Europort. The process takes us a single day to complete and what we request is the number of beds you need and a price range. From hotels in the quiet outskirts to hotels within walking distance from the exhibition space, we cater to every taste. You’ll need the competitive edge for Europort, which sees the most influential ship owners, shipyard managers, ship designers, super intendants and fleet managers come. At the exhibition, you get access to the latest models of fishing vessels, workboats, naval ships, construction vessels and mega yachts.

How to get to EUROPORT

On Foot

On Foot

Rotterdam The Hague Airport – not advisable

Rotterdam Centraal Station – not advisable


By Car

Rotterdam The Hague Airport – 32 mins via S103

Rotterdam Centraal Station – 23 mins via S103


By Public Transport

Rotterdam The Hague Airport – 44 mins via 33 and E

Rotterdam Centraal Station – 16 mins via E

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