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Representatives of the international museum industry meet at Exponatec Cologne to discuss the newest trends, best practices and latest technological advancements and services that aid professionals in successfully running museums. The trade fair takes place in Cologne, Germany, and lasts for three days with over 180 exhibitors presenting. Organizers anticipate for attendance to spike to over 4000 trade visitors, so consider arranging your hotel accommodation as early as possible with the help of GETA ltd.

GETA ltd provides you with the perfect hotel room that matches your needs and exceeds your expectations. Your room will save you money on your travel expenses, sit close to the Exponatec Cologne exhibition centre and have access to the local transportation system for effective commuting. This guarantees you the perfect opportunity to network with the leading exhibition professionals, planners and designers as well as attend the many forums and seminars on everything from conservation of heritage and information management to accessibility, preservation and restoration.

Exponatec Cologne is your time to make an impression, so ensure that your business trip runs smoothly with help from GETA ltd.

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