FESPO Zurich

Switzerland, Zurich
1 year
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Do you want to plan your holidays? Have a strong interest in sports and leisure? Then FESPO Zurich is the exhibition for you. Join more than 650 exhibitors from around the globe in Switzerland, for four days for amazing new destinations, products and services to make your travels memorable. There are more than 62,000 visitors expected to make an appearance, so book a hotel as early as possible and let GETA ltd help you in your selection.

GETA ltd knows how to provide the best hotel accommodation – cost effective, well-linked to the local transportation system and in the general vicinity of the expo centre for a commute that saves you time. This way you can properly enjoy the presentations at FESPO Zurich and there will be many with all of the biggest giants in tourism making an appearance. You have an excellent chance to make direct purchases for trips and holidays or talk business and form working partnerships.

FESPO Zurich gives you the world on a platter. Take as much as you need, knowing GETA ltd has your back on your travel accommodations.

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