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Event Update

The next live edition from 30.01.2025 to 02.02.2025 in Messe Zürich. Strict protective measures will not be implemented due to the removal of the country's pandemic-related restrictions.

A Brief Overview of FESPO Zürich 

FESPO Zürich is a leading source for the hottest new trends in travel across the world. Dubbed as the World of Travel, the international trade fair opens the door to the rest of the world. Travellers can find destinations, holiday packages and adventures across every single continent. Running for four days in Zurich, Switzerland, FESPO Zürich sees a who’s who on the global travel scene. That’s what makes it unmissable. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It 

You won’t be disappointed with a showing at FESPO Zürich. The exhibition has proven itself time and time again as a strategic centre for placing yourself amidst competitors in Europe. It’s one of the most effective cross-border procurement platforms and you stand to generate high-quality sales leads. 

The pandemic has affected all industries and the travel sector as a whole, but FESPO Zürich still registered high attendance due to its geopolitical importance. Here are the key data points from the last edition: 

  • 50,000+ international trade visitors
  • 25,000+ sq. metres of exhibition space
  • 500+ international exhibitors 

Industry Relevance 

FESPO Zürich, founded in 1991, has firmly established itself as the premier fair for the travel industry in Switzerland and beyond. Thanks to its comprehensive platform for holiday and travel information, the event is referred to as the World of Travel. This annual fair takes place at Messe Zürich and is a must-attend event for anyone seeking inspiration and guidance for their next adventure. 

The FESPO Zürich distinguishes itself by providing accurate and detailed information about a wide range of destinations, ensuring attendees have access to tips for thrilling, relaxing, and unique holidays. Whether one seeks hiking and active holidays, visits to the world's most beautiful places, or exciting river cruises and ocean voyages, the fair brings together representatives from diverse destinations to personally and thoroughly advise visitors. Here’s the full breakdown of offers and destinations across all halls: 

  • Hall 1: South America, Central America, North America, activity-based holidays, cruises
  • Halls 3 & 4: Europe and caravaning, neighbouring countries, Europe, health and wellness
  • Halls 5 & 6: Golfmesse, Africa, Arabia, Asia, Australia, diving, Indian Ocean 

FESPO Zürich showcases the latest travel trends and presents attractive holiday offers, making it a crucial event for travel enthusiasts to plan their next getaway as well as exhibitors to get a sense of consumer tastes and emerging macro trends. The fair's multiple pavilions will house exhibitors from around the world, offering a comprehensive assortment of travel packages and experiences. A notable feature of FESPO Zürich is its concurrent event, Golfmesse, catering to golf enthusiasts with everything they need for their sport. This dual-event format creates a dynamic atmosphere where attendees can explore and compare a wide variety of leisure and sporting options. 

Beyond its diverse exhibit offerings, FESPO Zürich serves as a pivotal networking hub for local and international exhibitors, trade visitors and business partners within the tourism sector. It facilitates connections, fosters discussions on the latest trends in the industry, and fosters lasting business relationships. The fair doesn't just focus on travel destinations; it also delves into cultural and culinary presentations, enriching the overall experience for attendees. The intensive conference program, featuring expert speakers, further enhances the event's educational value, offering valuable insights into the evolving landscape of the tourism industry. 

It’s not an exaggeration to say that FESPO Zürich plays an indispensable role in shaping the travel sector on a truly global scale. If you want to break into the highly competitive European market, then this is the event you should pay attention to. 

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

Exhibitors at FESPO Zürich vary greatly in terms of their line of work. You’ll see accommodation providers and hotel chains, tourism boards and organisations, means of transportation, wellness and health, and tour operators. The exhibitor list includes names like the Dresden Marketing, Cook Islands Tourism Marketing Coop, the Embassy of the Arab Republic Tourism Department, Maldivian Charter Club, Maldives Marketing & Public, and the Samoa Tourism Authority. 

When it comes to the audience, you’ll connect with a sizeable portion of the Swiss market, but the trade fair has always been an international affair and the numbers support this. Around half of all trade visitors are foreign travellers. 

Additional Value of Attending 

Each year, FESPO Zürich centers around a special theme and in 2023, the special theme for the fair was ‘Freedom on four wheels’ – an in-depth presentation on caravanning. Visitors had the opportunity to explore the world of camper vans and embrace the allure of mobile travel. The Van Life and All-wheel-drive Adventure Camp were the beating heart of the edition as they gave the audience the full breadth of camper vans from various manufacturers. The camp also provided a platform for fascinating discussions that delved into the pros and cons of different camper van models, helping potential travellers make informed decisions about their future journeys. 

Adding to the excitement, attendees were treated to presentations showcasing useful gadgets designed to enhance the caravanning experience. Not only could visitors learn about these gadgets, but also try them out for themselves. Sharing their expertise and insights, bloggers and experienced van life travellers were present at the event, offering valuable tips and glimpses into their homes on four wheels. These seasoned adventurers provided valuable knowledge on how to make the most of mobile travel and create unforgettable memories on the road.

Past editions

FESPO Zurich 2024

01.02.2024 - 04.02.2024

FESPO Zurich

+/- 42 000





of exhibitors were from abroad

Restart after three-year hiatus

50 000+




Cancelled because of COVID-19.


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Total Exhibitors


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How to get to FESPO Zurich

On Foot

On Foot

Zurich Airport – Not Advisable

Zurich Oerlikon – 9 mins via Wallisellenstrasse



By Car

Zurich Airport – 9 mins via Thurgauerstrasse

Zurich Oerlikon – 7 mins via Binzmühlestrasse



By Public Transport

Zurich Airport – 13 mins via IC1

Zurich Oerlikon - 4 mins via 61