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Learn the best practices to keep your body in great health and phenomenal shape. FIBO is the trade show that presents the latest products and trends in the fitness, wellness and health sectors to an audience of over 116,000 visitors from all over the world. The world renowned trade show takes place in Germany, and lasts for four days, co-staged with its sister event FIBRO POWER. Over 700 exhibitors are going to showcase their very best, so make sure your business trip starts off well with a hotel room from GETA ltd.

GETA ltd takes charge of your reservation and finds you accommodation that is light on your budget and places you right at the heart of the event. You save time and energy commuting to FIBO exhibition centre and can fully dedicate yourself to the diverse support program that touches upon every sphere of healing the body whether it’s rehabilitation or sports. You have an excellent chance to network with the decision makers and top experts for the industry and close in the biggest deals for your company, all made easier with assistance from GETA ltd.

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