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Event Update

H+h Cologne 2023 will be hosted as a live trade fair between 31.03.2023 and 02.04.2023. The hosting location for the event will be Messe Cologne in Germany. To ensure the safety of participants, the venue will implement stringent Covid-19 safety measures. At present, the safety precautions included in the prevention plan are:

  • To ensure that attendees can maintain the 1.5-metre safety distance, the event space of the trade fair will undergo expansion. This will include hallways being widened or converted into one-way lanes. Also, the conference rooms will be reconfigured, including the removal of standing spaces. Floor marking will also be included as a means to remind about the social distancing protocol.
  • To prevent infections with Covid-19, the venue will undergo thorough hourly disinfections. This will include all often-touched surfaces such as the counters or bannisters being subject to frequent sanitation. As part of the sanitation protocol, there will be disinfectant dispensers in areas such as the entrance areas. Exhibitors must also provide such products at their stands. Also, all doorways with the exclusion of fire exits will remain open at all times. The venue will receive a continuous supply of external air via a modern ventilation system.
  • Participants of the fair will be asked to wear face masks that cover their mouths and noses. Should attendees not have available PPE, they can peruse one of the supplied stockpiles near the entrances.
  • Because of the instated travel limitations and the newest entry policy, attendees will be asked to show 3G admission documents before entering the fairgrounds and upon arrival in the country. Such include negative test results, vaccination passports or proof of recovery.

A Brief Overview of h + h cologne

h + h cologne is the place where creative handcrafts, hobbies, knitting and sewing come together to celebrate the success of the year, shape upcoming trends and debut the new product lines. The international trade fair brings in celebrated exhibitors and emerging voices that come to Cologne, Germany in the hopes to increase market shares and grow their client list. It’s the proper way to kick off the fiscal year.

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

It is time to investigate why h + h cologne is the right fit for you as an exhibitor. Yes, it’s the first platform in Europe to reveal the trends in the industry, but also it makes sure that you are seen in the best way possible:

  • 420+ international exhibitors from 40+ countries showcased at the event;
  • 16,000+ international trade visitors made the trip;
  • 36,000+ square metres of exhibition space used.

Industry Relevance

H + h cologne has had only a small window of time to make an impact as the inaugural edition broke ground in 2009, but in the span of nearly a decade this trade fair has become a leader and a thriving ground for innovation in handicraft, hobby and textile design. Editions are organised every single year in spring at Kölnmesse and admission is given only to trade visitors. Because it’s the leading trade fair, visitors have access to the entire product assortment – handmade fabrics, craft kits, craft supplies, handmade tools, home textiles, carpet yarns, beads, buttons, canvases, sequins, sewing boxes, sewing machine accessories. The list goes on! To add even more excitement, there is an incredible fashion show where trends in textile come to the foreground.

Who Are You Going to Meet?

H + h cologne is a still young event and enjoys a stable, steady growth rate. Compared to its first editions, the attendance rate has doubled in terms of exhibitors. The main exhibitor countries include Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and Turkey. As far as who exhibits, mostly we’re talking about specialist suppliers, hobby and craft supplies specialized trade, wholesalers, mail-order companies, department stores, discounters, purchasing cooperatives. Visitors represent the retail industry at all levels and also extends to association and schools.

What Was New for the Previous Editions?

2022 Edition

H+h Cologne 2022 edition was held as a hybrid trade fair. The event consisted of an in-person aspect hosted at Messe Cologne between 18.03.2022-20.03.2022 and a digital section that was hosted until 30.06.2022. The digital aspect took place in the form of the [email protected], which included workshops and panel discussions. Among the included sub-events was the Talksofa which featured leading experts discussing needlework topics. There was also the option for users to exchange information using Q&As as well as chats. The hybrid event featured 150 exhibitors from 30 nations and 4,500 trade visitors from 49 countries.

Past editions

h + h cologne 2022

18.03.2022 - 20.03.2022

h + h cologne

Took place as a hybrid event due to Covid-19




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Exhibitor Countries


Visitor Countries


% of exhibitors were from abroad


% of trade visitors were from abroad

Edition was held digital to prevent the fast spread of COVID-19.

Cancelled because of COVID 19


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Total Visitors


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Total Exhibitors


Total Visitors


SQ M of Exhibition Area

How to get to h + h cologne

On Foot

On Foot

Cologne Bonn Airport – not advisable

Cologne Central Station – 30 mins via Hohenzollernbrücke


By Car

Cologne Bonn Airport – 20 mins via A559 and Östliche Zubringerstraße/L124

Cologne Central Station – 10 mins via Auenweg


By Public Transport

Cologne Bonn Airport – 30 mins via S19 transport

Cologne Central Station – 10 mins via S-Bahn S6/12/9

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