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Event Update

Organisers will host H2O – ACCADUEO 2024 between 27.11.2024 and 28.11.2024. The event will take place as a face-to-face event at Bologna Fiere.

A Brief Overview of ACCADUEO 

There’s only one international exhibition & forum that cares solely for the continuously evolving in importance water industry in Europe and that’s ACCADUEO. The focus falls on facing current challenges in water management, storage and purification. The international trade fair gives the necessary space to leading exhibitors to showcase all their advancements in technology over the year. It’s safe to say that the entire European water industry is going to be present at Bologna Fiere in Bologna, Italy. Connect with your community and don’t miss out on the new technologies and machineries. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It 

ACCADUEO opens doors to the rest of Europe. As an exhibitor, you’re able to meet with all the relevant players and significant buyers in the industry. The trade fair is an effective procurement platform and many companies time their manufacturing cycles with ACCADUEO to debut their new machinery. 

The contacts you make here are reason enough to rent an exhibition booth. Here are some of the key data points from the past: 

  • 255 international exhibitors
  • 6543 sq. metres of exhibition area
  • 52,453 international trade visitors 

Industry Relevance 

For over three decades, ACCADUEO has held the mantle of being the premier event for the water service sector, both in Italy and on the international stage. Since its inception in 1990, this biennial exhibition has continuously connected institutions, associations and companies, evolving into a decisive hub for the advancement of the water industry. Held at Bologna Fiere, ACCADUEO shines a spotlight on innovation and inspires collaboration. Its significance can be felt across the entire water sector. 

The heart of ACCADUEO's significance lies in its resolute dedication to steering Italy's green transition journey. As an expo that navigates the currents of change, ACCADUEO positions itself as a compass for sustainable transformation. The exhibition's expansive purview spans the entire water value chain, encapsulating cutting-edge offerings ranging from water purification systems to the re-use of wastewater, mud, and comprehensive water management strategies. The relentless pursuit of sustainability permeates the expo, encapsulating both the challenges and opportunities that underpin the water sector's evolution. 

A beacon of digitalization and innovation, ACCADUEO introduced the FORUM ACCADUEO in 2022. This dedicated event forms a dynamic counterpart to the traditional exhibition, propelling a perpetual discourse on the forces propelling the water industry's growth. The alternating rhythm of the FORUM ensures that dialogue flows seamlessly between stakeholders, igniting the sparks of transformation. 

The exhibition's core is further amplified by a constellation of insightful conferences and discussions. These platforms encapsulate the industry's pressing concerns, casting a spotlight on the continuity and security of water and energy supplies in Italy. Themes of innovation, research, digitalization, and sustainability converge, propelling ACCADUEO 2023 into uncharted waters of possibility. 

ACCADUEO stands not only as a biennial event but as an enduring emblem of progress. Its legacy of nurturing connections, incubating innovations, and catalyzing change testifies to its indelible importance within the water service landscape. As Italy and the world navigate the currents of transformation, ACCADUEO remains a steadfast companion on this transformative journey. 

    •  Water extraction, channelling and storage
    • Water and wastewater treatment and reuse
    • Products and technologies for water use in the civil or industrial secto
    • Irrigation
    • Analysis and measuring instruments
    • Automation
    • Components
    • Engineering and service companies  
    • Manufacturers, distributors and importer
    • Installers and agents
    • Representatives of national, regional and local institutions
    • Representatives of utilities
    • Representatives of user industries
    • Engineering companies
    • Industry associations
    • Research institutes 
    •  Devices, Equipment, Tools
    •  Shipbuilding
    •  Industrial elements
    •  Hydric management services
    •  Services for companies, consulting
    •  Operative sectors in water industry
    •  Publishing
    •  Institutions, Associations
    •  Devices, Equipment, Tools
    •  Shipbuilding
    •  Industrial elements
    •  Services for companies, consulting
    •  Operative sectors in water industry
    •  Publishing


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Cancelled because of COVID-19.

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