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!!! Important !!! The 2020 edition of HANNOVER MESSE has been officially cancelled by the organisers due to coronavirus. 

A Brief Overview of HANNOVER MESSE

HANNOVER MESSE seeks out to increase the living standard across the world and this year is no exception with the world’s most established talent within the energy, automation, industrial supply and industrial technology sectors coming to shape the future. The international trade show takes place in Hannover, Germany and charts the future of automation technologies wherever they find application! All you have to do is decide where to stay.

GETA ltd has created a database complete with all hotels in Hannover that might fit your budget. All you need to do is make clear how much you’re willing to spend on your online hotel reservation for HANNOVER MESSE, how many nights you’re staying and how many people will join you. We compile a list of all ideal candidates for you to choose and we do this in a day. Book a hotel for HANNOVER MESSE with no hassle and make terrific savings at the same time!

Why Your Visit Is Worth It

You have multiple reasons to attend HANNOVER MESSE and we’re going to present them in neat numbers so you have a crystal clear idea why this trade show deserves your attention:

  • 6500+ international exhibitors;
  • 220,000+ international trade visitors;
  • 6.5 million business contacts;
  • 1400 events in total.

All this comes down to a smart business move on your part. An exhibition booth opens you to an incredible audience that’s invested in not only learning about innovations, but also purchasing!

Industry Relevance

HANNOVER MESSE has been running for over half a decade with the very first edition dating to 1947. Naturally, this gives the trade show clout and respectability as you’re participating in a show that has real history and a brand that carries weight. What’s also interesting is that the annual event welcomes both industry insider and members of the general public. This means you can get direct feedback from end consumers on your products. Speaking of products, HANNOVER MESSE has a wide range of product lineups – building automation, building technology, coating materials, air compressors, gas compressors, environmental technology, factory equipment, compressed air technology, micro-actuator systems, motors, scheduling software, refrigeration technology, robotics and additive manufacturing systems.

Who Are You Going to Meet

Attracted to what HANNOVER MESSE has to offer are representatives from mechanical and plant engineering, the process industry, product development and design, energy-intensive enterprises, energy providers and marketers, automotive and supply industry. Exhibitors come from a total of 75 countries with Germany leading the numbers with 40%, while the remaining 60% include the majority of European countries that are in the European Union. The distribution amongst visitors is more in favor of German visitors with only 70,000 visitors in total coming from outside Germany – a normal trend considering the fair is open to the general public and most of those numbers are made up from locals.

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