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!!! Important !!! The 2020 edition of IAW has been officially postponed by the organisers due to coronavirus.

IAW allows you to discover emerging trends in consumer goods as well as pick up some ideas for effective promotion thanks to the creative efforts of more than 300 exhibitors. Held in Germany, this international trade fair gives you an in-depth look into every single product category from food and cosmetics to toys and household goods. The program lasts three days in total with thousands scheduled to make the trip. It’s a good move to cross hotel accommodation off your list of tasks and GETA ltd gives you an easy solution.

We have mastered the art of organizing business trips and send you the most affordable IAW hotels the very next day. Thanks to our sophisticated database – we only need to have your budget and know how many rooms we need to book. Our system does the rest and chooses hotels located close to the event and public transport hubs for an easy commute. This frees up resources best used for IAW. You’ve an unparalleled access to product variety – textiles, clothing, office supplies, toiletries, electronic goods, hardware products, food and toys. Perfect opportunity to research competitors and create sales leads.

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