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Germany , Nuremberg

2 years

Plan ahead your company’s development in the pet food, supply and accessory industry with a visit to INTERZOO, which has been the chief international trade fair of this scale, scope and ambition. This edition is scheduled for four days in Nuremberg, Germany as the location. The event has always been big with 1800 exhibitors and close to 40,000 visitors on average. Take the first steps towards planning your visit and book a hotel as soon as you can. GETA ltd can help you get the best value for your money.

INTERZOO has ensured its relevance and popularity through the sheer diversity of its display categories including pet food products, grooming aids and accessories for four-legged pets, birds, ornamental fish and terrarium animals. It’s where you can expect strong sales and direct feedback from end customers. Not to mention see what’s becoming a big hit. To make the most out of your business trip, get a hotel booking for INTERZOO that places you close to the exhibition centre and surrounds you with valuable contacts.

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