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Event Update

IT-TRANS 2026 will occur as a live trade show in Messe Karlsruhe between 03.03.2026 and 05.03.2026.

A Brief Overview of IT-TRANS

IT-TRANS revolutionises the field of IT solutions for the public transport sector, and functions as a primary discovery tool for new solutions and technologies. The international trade fair facilitates business between IT and software companies and public transport operates, opening doors to the major markets in Europe. Survey the next generation of digital and intelligent solutions, and get the right kind of audience to look at your product portfolio. The trade fair combines great business networking with a mix of information events.  

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It 

IT-TRANS unites the entire public transport community under one roof as it connects specialised exhibitors with first-rate buyers. You have an easy time penetrating the European market as there’s real demand for software and IT solutions for public transport. Prepare to enjoy a high level of interest from potential buyers. The benefits, recognition and brand awareness makes exhibiting costs a smart investment. 

The trade show educates you on all the latest technological innovations in the region. Have a look at the most important data: 

  • 6,500 attendees from 71 countries
  • 276 exhibitors from 33 countries
  • 180 speakers at the IT-TRANS conference
  • 800 delegates attending, with 130 people joining remotely

Industry Relevance 

IT-TRANS is a groundbreaking international exhibition that gathers experts and decision makers in the public transport industry to explore the future of applied IT and digital solutions. Since 2008, the biennial conference and exhibition duo has been pushing innovation to new heights and each edition does its best to present the next generation of IT solutions for the transport sector. Messe Karlsruhe and the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) step into the role of co-organisers. Editions typically take place in May at Messe Karlsruhe in Karlsruhe, Germany. 

The pandemic ushered in some format changes that now enable more people to participate from around the world by going completely hybrid. In-person proceedings are now amplified through digital tools. IT-TRANS offers a unique opportunity for visitors to explore the latest trends and solutions in the public transport sector. The exhibition provides a platform for exhibitors to showcase their latest products and services, while the conference program covers a range of topics, from mobility as a service (MaaS) and data analytics to cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

The exhibition floors are divided into the following major product categories: 

  • Mobility-as-a-Service
  • Contactless Ticketing
  • Cyber Security
  • 5G and Telecommunication
  • Digital Transformation
  • Autonomous Mobility
  • Big Data and Data Governance
  • On-demand and Flexible Transport
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Smart Cities and Integrated Network Management

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

IT-TRANS commands the attention of the biggest companies in the public transport in Germany and Europe as a whole – INIT, Trapeze, Axentia, Amcon and Vianova, all of which have been long-term exhibitors at the exhibition. You’re definitely in good company overall since there’s a wide variety in the types of exhibitors and visitors in attendance. Names include PTV Group, IVU Traffic Technologies, Luminator Technology Group, Unwired Networks, Transdev Vertrieb and Deutsche Bahn. 

As Germany is one of the countries that pioneers and adopts future-making technologies, it makes a lot of sense that IT-TRANS is an exhibition that opens the doors to the German market. Still, the event is of interest to many countries. Switzerland and Belgium have the highest visitor numbers in attendance. When it comes to exhibitors, you see a rich variety from Israel, Spain and Canada to Portugal, Türkiye, China and the USA. 

Additional Value of Attendance 

Within the vast landscape of IT-TRANS, there’s one specific place where you can truly get an in-depth view of the latest in mobility concepts – the Karlsruhe Mobility Lab. Here is where mobility concepts of the future are being born and tested in real time. Right now, the Lab focuses a lot on sustainability and individual needs. 

The feature is unique as it’s the meeting point of science, industry, politics and transport companies in one place. You can see this in the presence of major institutions such as the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the Karlsruhe Transport Authority (KVV), the Karlsruhe Transport Company (VBK), the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences and the FZI Research Center for Information Technology. As a result, the lab is recognised throughout Germany and Europe as a competence centre for digitization and mobility.

One of the exciting projects to be conceived at the Karlsruhe Mobility Lab is regiomove, which implements digitally linked mobility to better connect all areas in an extended urban area. Visitors can experience how autonomous shuttles connect remote settlement areas to the backbone public transport hubs, providing a seamless and sustainable transportation option. Additionally, the lab explores how an intelligent link between passenger and goods traffic can be created. Visitors also have the opportunity to witness firsthand how mobility is evolving to become more comfortable, networked and CO₂-neutral.

The lab compliments the exquisite program at the IT-TRANS Conference. Across three packed days, the biggest names in technology and public transport will guide attendees through the latest technological innovations, give their perspective on current challenges and offer solutions. All in all, 180 speakers are set to speak, covering just about every hot topic – artificial intelligence, autonomous mobility, mobile ticketing, on-demand mobility, cyber security and data governance. You’re spoiled for choice and even better – attendees will be able to access lectures remotely. 

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How to get to IT-TRANS

On Foot

On Foot

Flughafen Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden – not advisable

Karlsrubhe Hauptbahnhof - not advisable



By Car

Flughafen Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden – 37 mins via A5 and B36

Karlsrubhe Hauptbahnhof – 15 mins via B36 



By Public Transport

Flughafen Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden – not advisable

Karlsrubhe Hauptbahnhof – 20 mins via S7 and 106