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IT-TRANS serves a crucial role for the public transport industry within Germany. The exhibition focuses on smart IT solutions and innovative technologies to improve the urban infrastructure. The event is held in Karlsruhe, Germany, and lasts for three days. Leading decision makers and top civil engineers present the newest technological breakthroughs to an audience of over 3600 visitors. Ensure you’re close to the action at all times with a reservation from GETA ltd.

GETA ltd has experience working with professionals on the road and understands what you need in a hotel room. We provide accommodation that saves you money on your travelling expenses and saves you time travelling to the exhibition centre, because it lies close to the IT-TRANS event. This ensures you get to network with the leaders in the field and find partners for brand new projects. You also have the opportunity to secure the best seats for the diverse support program, which features conference sessions for global knowledge and strategic decisions, and forums for specialist knowledge.

Succeeding at IT-TRANS is easy with GETA ltd in charge of your travel arrangements.

Past editions


01.12.2020 - 03.12.2020


Edition was held digital to prevent the fast spread of COVID-19.


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How to get to IT-TRANS

On Foot

On Foot

Flughafen Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden – not advisable

Karlsrubhe Hauptbahnhof - not advisable



By Car

Flughafen Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden – 37 mins via A5 and B36

Karlsrubhe Hauptbahnhof – 15 mins via B36 



By Public Transport

Flughafen Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden – not advisable

Karlsrubhe Hauptbahnhof – 20 mins via S7 and 106


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