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Covid-19 Event Update

Current developments surrounding the coronavirus pandemic have pushed organisers to postpone LIGNA Hannover 2021 to 2023. The new dates are confirmed from May 15th until May 19th amid comprehensive preventive measures. Messe Hannover will follow government regulations for sanitation and social distancing during the trade fair. This will include attendants maintaining a strict social distance protocol and wearing face masks in areas such as the exhibition halls. They must at all times adhere to a safe distance of 1.5 metres.

A Brief Overview of LIGNA Hannover

LIGNA Hannover establishes itself as the most important event for the forestry and timber industry in Germany and consequently Europe. The international exhibition is held in Hannover, Germany and showcases how woodworking and sawmill technology has matured and evolved with new models on display and best practices shared. It’s at the forefront of innovation in forestry and the wood industry, making it truly unmissable for those involved at any level.

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

A brief look at the attendance numbers from the last edition of LIGNA Hannover clearly shows why this exhibition is not to be missed at any cost. It’s the one-stop event for its whole industry and the main B2B platform for the woodworking industry in the whole of Europe. An exhibition stand is a must and the investment is quickly repaid due to the quality of the trade visitors at the exhibition. LIGNA’s numbers speak for themselves: 

  • 1500+ international exhibitors from 50+ countries showcased at the event;
  • 93,000+ international trade visitors from 100+ countries made the trip;
  • 129,000+ square metres of exhibition space used
  • 10 exhibition halls plus open space
  • 100 competitors in the Formula 1 of forestry professionals

Industry Relevance

LIGNA Hannover has existed as its own entity since 1975 and editions take place every two years. That’s a considerable time to develop a true legacy and impact on the forestry and wood industry on a global level. What’s more the exhibition dates back even further, when it used to be a part of HANNOVER MESSE, but separated due to space constraints. 

The event welcomes trade visitors as well as the general public. Product categories include planers, sawing machines, forestry tools, sawmill equipment, timber trucks, wood and timber, wood drying, wood fuels, milling machines, furnaces, furniture, solid wood processing and many more. It’s a platform to experience quality and innovation. One of the main draws for the event is seeing the machinery and tools in action. LIGNA has a dedicated outdoor space that’s reserved for demos. You can also observe the very best skilled workers show off their mastery in a spectacular and adrenaline-fueled competition. 

Who Are You Going to Meet?

In short, you have a tremendous diversity in the types of visitors that come, because the LIGNA Hannover brand is all about integrating primary and secondary industry side by side. This is a rarity among other events. Although based in Germany, there’s a strong interest from all over the world. The chief audience is based in Europe so you get visitors from France, Italy, the UK, Spain, Poland and the Nordic countries, but the exhibition’s reach has traveled to the Middle and Far East as well as the Americas. Roughly 46% of all trade visitors are foreign nationals and organisers are predicting that this number will steadily grow in the upcoming years, though the pandemic will likely affect the speed. 

In the breakdown between professional and non-professional visitors, over 96% of all visitors are working in the industry or related to the industry in some capacity. The groups of professionals come from carpentry, woodworking, wood construction, the prefabricated building industry, energy generation, sawmill industry, furniture industry and forestry. Their main goal is to source new products and expand their network of suppliers. The reason why LIGNA remains so popular is the quality of exhibitors. Your booth will be right next to names such as Dieffenbacher; Lamello; Japan Woodworking Machinery Association; TEKNOS Group; Borgonovo, Renzo and Master Handlers.

The Additional Value of Attendance 

LIGNA works with you to achieve your business goals. The exhibition has several different ways to let you meet and network with existing partners and potential buyers. There are daily Guided Tours, which bring targeted visitors to your booth without having to do anything. Plus, you can make use of the open meeting spaces meant for business meetings. After all, every second trade visitor has decision-making power when it comes to purchasing. 

Of course, there are a lot of additional events. You can learn all there is about advancements in the woodworking industry by attending the Wood Industry Summit and the LIGNA.Forum. A series of events are there for skilled workers to train and also receive career advice. The LIGNA Training Workshops offer hands-on practical knowledge no matter where you’re in the industry. For those who want to learn more and network professionally, we recommend the LIGNA Campus. As you can see there’s something for everyone involved in the industry. 

The Outlook for 2023

LIGNA has used the pause caused by the pandemic to expand their offerings and build on top of an already successful support programme. The end result is the new LIGNA.Conference, which is set to debut in June 2022. The conference will bring in all the information on the woodworking and wood processing industry in a tightly packed programme. Top speakers like Wolfgang Bock

(granIT GmbH), Gisela Cousland ( and Dr. Michael Duetsch (UPM Biochemical Business) will take the stage. From here on out, the LIGNA.Conference will take place at the Rosenheim Technical University during the years LIGNA is not held. 

As for LIGNA 2023, the information programme is still in development. Organisers have shared that the hall plan and the body of the trade show will be built around three main themes - "Prefab Building Processes", "Woodworking Transformation", and "Green Material Processing". All these processes have been developing in recent years, but the COVID-19 pandemic added a boost and the industry is evolving much quicker than expected. Because of these developments, LIGNA will be a vital meeting point to discuss market changes, new challenges and workable strategies. 

Past editions

LIGNA Hannover 2019

27.05.2019 - 31.05.2019

LIGNA Hannover


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How to get to LIGNA Hannover

On Foot

On Foot

from Hbf ~35 min with a bike

1h 20 min bike ride


By Car

From Haptbahnhof there are ony 20 to 30 min with a car

From Hannover Aiport via A2 for 30 min 


By Public Transport

From Hbf - S4 to Messe Hanover/Laatzen for 23 min OR take U1, U2 or U8 for 30 to 40 min

From Hannover Aiport take S5 to Hbf and then U8 to Hannover, Messe/Nord (1h 10 min)

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