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Germany , Stuttgart

1 year

LOGIMAT welcomes the intralogistics industry to Stuttgart, Germany, to celebrate the newest trends and technological breakthroughs in the fields of distribution, materials handling and warehouse management along with proper channels to keep the information flow going smoothly. This trade fair takes place for three days with the leading decision makers in the industry making an appearance. Make sure you have a hotel prepared as early as possible with GETA ltd in charge.

GETA ltd makes sure your accommodation is cost effective, close to the expo centre and has connections to the local transport points. This keeps you at the heart of the action with bigger chances to network with the movers and shakers of the industry both during the events of the day and after, because the close the hotel is to the LOGIMAT expo centre, the likelier it is to share a hotel with the most important figures in the industry. Make sure you attendance is a smash hit with everyone and grow your network to a great success.

LOGIMAT is your chance to make an impression, so ensure you have the room for the job courtesy of GETA ltd.


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