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Germany , Stuttgart

1 year
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Want to learn the newest technological breakthroughs in engineering? Then MOTEK is the place you need to be and soak the latest information regarding assembling machinery, automation and handling technology. Staged in Stuttgart, Germany, this trade fair focuses on the biggest achievements and trends in the field. You have the chance to wander the 60,000 sqm of exhibition space for four days and take notes on a wide range of machines and products. Take charge of your accommodation and booking right from the start with some help from GETA ltd – your guide to affordable hotel offers.

MOTEK attracts business insiders be they company giants, engineers or scientists who hail from different fields including the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, the electrical and electronics industries, medical engineering and solar production industries. This is a perfect chance for you to survey the market, educate yourself and form valuable contacts with the movers and shakers on the engineering end. For this you need to be refreshed and be accommodated in the best hotel possible.

GETA ltd finds a hotel that saves you money and is close to the grounds to save you time on commuting.


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