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Numismata concerns itself with the international Numismatics industry and serves as a platform sharing best practices and presenting the newest technological innovations and breakthroughs in the sector that ensure smarter design and security. The exhibition comes to Munich, Germany, and lasts for two days нwith the most renowned exhibitors invited to participate. The audience is expected to spike in its attendance, so ensure your business trip has been planned thoroughly with accommodation from GETA ltd.

GETA ltd is the premier service provider for businessmen on the go and we promise to find you a hotel room, which fits your budget and sits close to the exhibition centre. This way you are always close to the action and take full advantage of the Numismata program that gives you a full overview of the industry including exhibitions featuring medals and the most coveted classical antiquity on display. You also can attend the numerous talks on the future of security and supply yourself with a rich assortment of literature.

Allow for your visit to Numismata become an instant success with GETA ltd in charge of your trip’s planning.

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