Berlin, Germany

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Event Update

The 2024 edition of NUMISMATA Berlin will take place as a live trade show. It will not include Covid-19 safety precautions due to the country removing its pandemic-related limitations. The hosting dates of the event will take place between 26.10.2024 and 27.10.2024 .

A Brief Overview of Numismata 

Numismata Berlin is an important event in the numismatic industry as a popular platform for both collecting and learning about coins, currency and medals. The international trade fair has the status of the largest and most important event in the entire world. You’re in the perfect position to raise brand awareness and make valuable long-term connections. Numismata Berlin should be on your calendar. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It 

Numismata pulls in all the important clients and professionals working in numismatics today. The global appeal of the trade fair means you’ll speak to buyers from all over the world. The contacts you make there are invaluable since the audience is intensely loyal. These are the most important numbers to keep in mind: 

  • 150 international dealers
  • 30,000 square metres of exhibition space available 

Industry Relevance 

Numismata Berlin belongs to a whole portfolio of trade fairs that targets the numismatics industry. There are three events taking place in Germany (Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt) and one in Vienna, Austria. All four events take place annually at different times of year to accommodate different collectors and local communities. As a whole, the Numismata brand dates back to 1970 with the very first editions being held. The Numismata organisation predates the trade fairs by two years, where Numismata operated in specialist coin retail. The trade fair is recognised as the largest coin trade fair around the globe. 

Numismata Berlin has an open door policy, which translates into a steady stream of curious visitors, enthusiasts and beginner collectors. It’s the best platform to begin a collection and connect with experienced professionals. The Berlin edition operates out of Messe Berlin, which hosts the entire value chain. Exhibitors present ancient and modern coins, banknotes, historic currencies, security papers, precious metals, medals, artefacts, specialist literature and accessories. It’s a one-stop shop for serious collectors and enjoys a loyal audience. There’s also a panel of experts ready to evaluate private pieces throughout each day. 

The pandemic has opened a new chapter in the brand’s history with management switching hands to the next generation. In 2023, Angela Modes will pick up the torch and lead Numismata to new heights. “This is a challenge that I am very much looking forward to. After all, Numismata is the classic among coin shows. But a classic can only remain successful if you constantly adapt it to new challenges. I plan to implement some of my ideas to make Numismata even better,” she says. 

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

Numismata is first and foremost a European event and a central platform for German collectors and specialists. Over the last fifty years, Numismata has been steadily growing and attracting more and more professionals from the surrounding regions. Today, the show brings in exhibitors from the USA and the United Arab Emirates. Although German is the dominant language at the fair, visitors can take advantage of translation services in English and Russian. 

You’ll meet with coin and banknote distributors, bullion distributors, numismatic shops, auction houses, producers of coin packaging, mints and publishing houses. The atmosphere is always very friendly and visitors are looking forward to exchanging experience and knowledge as well as growing their collections. 

The Outlook for 2023 

It’s been four long years since the last edition of Numismata Berlin. Excitement is in the air at the approaching 2023 edition. The entire numismatic community eagerly awaits to meet face to face once again, which proves why live events are the only way to truly do business on an international level. Organisers also report good registration numbers the time being. Stay tuned to learn more about programming and format changes.