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parts2clean takes place in Germany, and serves as the meeting point for the big names in the industrial parts and surface cleaning industries. With a duration of three days, parts2clean coincides with the popular and specialist O&S trade fair for surface treatment. This ensures accommodation at cheap rates is hard to come by, but with GETA ltd you can be sure to book the best hotel room at a budget-friendly price. The countless presentations and demonstrations from the leading experts and scientists in the field are expected to attract over 1700 industry professionals, making parts2clean a truly dynamic event.

Stay ahead of the curve and sort your travel arrangements as early as possible. GETA ltd offers hand-picked hotel options near the expo centre or in locations that have a developed infrastructure and easy transport to the trade fair. Visit parts2clean to witness the developments and breakthroughs in everything from industrial parts cleaning to drying technology. Be relaxed and full of energy by leaving the whole planning and organization of your business trip to GETA ltd.

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