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Event Update

Parts2clean 2025 will be hosted as a live trade show between 07.10.2025 and 09.10.2025. The hosting location will be Messe Stuttgart, and it will not feature Covid-19 safety precautions. This is because the country has removed its pandemic-related limitations.

A Brief Overview of parts2clean

Parts2clean serves a crucial function as a platform for professionals working in industrial parts and surface cleaning, which has a direct effect on a number of user industries. Attend to catch up on new trends and technological advancements as well as see the technologies of tomorrow. The trade fair oversees the next generation of solutions in cleaning, deburring and drying. You’re at the heart of true innovation, which gives the event extra weight in the industry and importance as a platform for procurement and networking.

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

Parts2clean occupies a rather unique position within industrial manufacturing since it’s a multi-sector meeting point. The trade fair values B2B connections and introduces manufacturers to eager buyers effectively. As an exhibitor, you tap into new markets and generate qualified sales leads easily. Exhibiting is a smart investment that’s quick to generate benefits. Here are the key numbers from last year’s edition: 

  • 140 international exhibitors from 16 countries
  • 2300+ international trade visitors came 
  • 4300 square metres of exhibition space 

Industry Relevance 

Parts2clean is the go-to trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning held annually in Stuttgart. Since its establishment in 2003, the international fair has served as a platform for national and international exhibitors to showcase the latest innovations, products and technologies in the field of cleaning, maintenance, recycling, and disposal. Thousands make the trip to Messe Stuttgart to take stock of the newest advancements, debut products and perform high-level networking.

At parts2clean, exhibitors present practical and user-specific solutions that go beyond achieving cleanliness to encompass its preservation, verification and documentation. The fair attracts nearly all market and technology leaders in the industry who value the professional quality of the visitors and their high decision-making authority. Presence of industry leaders ensures that parts2clean is a driving force in setting new standards in terms of innovations and trends in industrial cleaning across the entire process chain. Here is the complete list of products on display: 

  • Clean Room Technologies
  • Cleaning Baskets & Workpiece Carriers
  • Cleaning Equipment & Alternative Cleaning Methods
  • Cleaning Media
  • Corrosion Protection & Preservation
  • Deburring
  • Digitalization
  • Drying Processes
  • Handling & Automation
  • Processing & Disposal
  • Quality Assurance & Analytics
  • Research & Development
  • Services
  • Systems & Components for Cleaning Systems
  • Used Machinery & Equipment

In addition to the exhibition, parts2clean features the Parts2clean Expert Forum. The forum brings together speakers from industry, academia and research to present new research, identify solutions, optimise processes and costs, and provide opportunities for quality assurance. This combination of exhibition and expert forum positions parts2clean as a crucial information and communication platform, solidifying its status as the world’s leading trade fair in the industry.

Parts2clean 2023 will offer a comprehensive display of needs-based configurations and systems for optimised cleaning processes. Exhibitors will showcase their latest offerings in product categories such as cleanroom technologies, deburring, wet cleaning processes and other materials. The fair also includes product pavilions, on-site demonstrations and practical workshops, allowing attendees to gain hands-on experience with the showcased solutions.

Complementing the exhibition is a robust conference program, which includes forums, panel discussions and informative presentations. These educational sessions offer valuable insights into industry trends, emerging technologies and best practices. What better environment to prompt truly organic networking opportunities, where you’re able to forge real connections and partnerships in the field. It’s a must-attend event on all accounts. 

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

Weber Ultrasonics, Vliesstoff Kasper, ABN Metal, CleanControlling, PMT Partikel-Messtechnik, COLANDIS, TREAMS and Sealtech are only some of the brands you will see on the exhibition floors. The calibre of exhibitors is quite high, which translates to the type of visitors that make it to Messe Stuttgart. It’s important to highlight that 95% of all trade visitors have some say when it comes to making operational procurement decisions. Even better – their main goals in attending are to research products, source new suppliers, purchase and invest. 

The audience remains mostly German, but the most recent edition showed a jump in international visitors amounting to 25% of all visitors. Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Poland are the countries with the highest concentration of visitors overall. 

The Outlook for 2023 

Parts2clean 2023, the 20th edition of the trade fair, has set itself an ambitious goal – redefine the landscape of industrial cleaning! And it looks like they’re most likely to succeed. The milestone edition will introduce an expanded range of solutions as well as a highlight topic: “High Purity.”

Recognising the impact of structural changes in various industries, coupled with new emerging megatrends and the ongoing energy transition, parts2clean acknowledges the ever-evolving tasks and requirements in industrial parts and surface cleaning. The anniversary edition of parts2clean will meet these requirements head on with the new motto, “Cleaning redefined.” According to Hendrik Engelking, Global Director at Deutsche Messe, the organisers of parts2clean, it’s time to broaden the scope of the event. Visitors will experience this through the direct addressing of fresh and dynamic challenges stemming from automation, digitization, AI, sustainability and stricter regulatory requirements in certain industries.

Engelking highlights the increasing significance of cleaning solutions in sectors such as electronics manufacturing, e-mobility, sensor technology, optical industry, and medical and pharmaceutical technology. These industries will play a vital role in shaping the future of industrial cleaning. Moreover, the upcoming parts2clean will also delve into the realm of energy efficiency in cleaning systems and processes, recognizing the importance of sustainable practices in today's industrial landscape.

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How to get to parts2clean

On Foot

On Foot

Stuttgart Airport - 7 mins via Flughafenstrasse

Stuttgart Hbf – not advisable



By Car

Stuttgart Airport - 1 min via Flughafenentlastungsstraße

Stuttgart Hbf – 20 mins via B27



By Public Transport

Stuttgart Airport - not available

Stuttgart Hbf - 40 mins via S-Bahn S2 or S3