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A Brief Overview of Pure London 

Ready-to-wear fashion collections hit the runways at Pure London in front of retailers with solid reputation in the United Kingdom. Many designers choose this international trade show to debut their collections at all. What are going to be hottest trims, patterns, colours, fabrics and silhouettes of the season? Pure London shapes the taste of the fashion industry and does so in a sustainable manner. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It 

Whether you’re a young designer or in a well-known fashion brand, Pure London is where you go to conduct your business and get your fashion output noticed. The international trade show is an essential moment for the fashion industry in the UK:

  • 150 suppliers at Pure Origin;
  • 1300 ready-to-wear fashion collections debuted;
  • 17,000 international trade visitors from all sectors in the fashion supply chain.

Industry Relevance 

Pure London, as most fashion trade show, services the changing fashion trends and is held twice in February and July. The international trade show was first held in 1998 and takes place in London Olympia. Pure London is often the first stage where collections are seen by retailers at all, so there is an air of exclusivity. Designers have the opportunity to generate great sales leads and retailers to have the best, most stylish fashion as soon as it hits the runways.

The product portfolio is rich and extends to womenswear, menswear, children’s fashion, accessories, footwear, jewelry, youth fashion, athleisure and conscious fashion. Pure London supports all players in the fashion industry with panels and lectures on a variety of topics from merchandising and social media marketing to sustainability and product development.

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