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Event Update

PURE LONDON 2024 will take place from 14.07.2024 to 16.07.2024. Olympia London will be the host venue for the face-to-face event. Covid-19 prevention measures will not be put in place at the venue. This is because the United Kingdom removed the related domestic restrictions during the previous months as a result of the improving pandemic situation. Similarly, the country does not have travel limitations in place. 

A Brief Overview of Pure London 

Ready-to-wear fashion collections hit the runways at Pure London in front of retailers with a solid reputation in the United Kingdom. What are going to be the hottest trims, patterns, colours, fabrics and silhouettes of the season? All the answers can be found on the runway! Pure London shapes the taste of the fashion industry and does so in a sustainable manner. It’s then no surprise that so many designers choose this international trade show to debut their collections at all. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It?

Whether you’re a young designer or in a well-known fashion brand, Pure London is where you go to conduct your business and get your fashion output noticed. The international trade show is an essential moment for the fashion industry in the UK:

  • 150 suppliers at Pure Origin;
  • 1300 ready-to-wear fashion collections debuted;
  • 17,000 international trade visitors from all sectors in the fashion supply chain.

Industry Relevance 

Pure London, as most fashion trade shows, services the changing fashion trends and is held twice in February and July. The international trade show was first held in 1998 and takes place in London Olympia. Pure London is often the first stage where collections are seen by retailers at all, so there is an air of exclusivity. Designers have the opportunity to generate great sales leads and retailers to have the best, most stylish fashion as soon as it hits the runways. 

The product portfolio is rich and extends to womenswear, menswear, children’s fashion, youth fashion, accessories, footwear, jewellery, athleisure and conscious fashion. Pure London supports all players in the fashion industry with panels and lectures on a variety of topics from merchandising and social media marketing to sustainability and product development. 

Pure London embraces a significant initiative known as Power of One®. This initiative, introduced in 2018 as part of Hyve's comprehensive Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy, aims to empower both retailers and suppliers to make small yet impactful changes that collectively shape the future of retail.

The Power of One® initiative encourages participants to champion eco-friendly materials, ensure fair treatment of workers throughout the supply chain, and engage in practices that have a positive impact on the world. By recognising the collective power held by individuals and businesses within the fashion industry, Pure London inspires and enables positive change through a series of actionable steps.

As Pure London returns for its Spring/Summer edition, the Power of One® initiative continues to drive sustainable and ethical practices, reminding attendees of the potential they possess to make a meaningful difference. By embracing this initiative, retailers and suppliers can contribute to a more responsible and forward-thinking industry, one small step at a time.

Pure London remains committed to not only showcasing the latest fashion trends but also encouraging a conscious and sustainable approach to fashion, making it an influential platform for both the present and future of the industry.

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

Pure London manages to attract one of the biggest retailers on the market aside from independent boutiques and online stores. The biggest names that have a strong presence at the fashion trade fair include Fenwick, Harrods, Liberty, Asos, Cocosa, Bottega, The Dressing Room and John Lewis. The halls are filled with designers, manufacturers, suppliers of materials and brand representatives. 

The brands that tend to exhibit at Pure London are incredibly varied as well and come from all over the world. Join Clothes, Pia Rossini, Priess Ettema Ning AG, Tilley & Grace, Rebecca Joseph, Thought, Vilagallo and The Shirt Company are all regular presences. Pure London has committed itself to support sustainable practices in fashion both through its participation in the Power of One campaign and the Conscious exhibition area. 

Additional Value of Attending 

The Pure London Catwalk, in collaboration with Drapers, takes center stage at the fashion trade show. Positioned at the heart of the event, the catwalk serves as a captivating showcase where attendees witness the latest trends brought to life through a meticulously curated series of scenes. The Pure London Catwalk alone draws in hundreds of fashion enthusiasts each season and delivers an unmissable spectacle that truly exemplifies the essence of the event.

Among the standout labels featured on the catwalk, here are just a few examples that capture the diverse range of styles and designs: Ceva Cu Dichis, Maam With Love, Papucei, Inga Valerie and Moda Sarguinta. These brands, among many others, contribute to the vibrant and dynamic fashion landscape presented at Pure London.

In addition to unforgettable runways, visitors are also able to get a sense of the conversations that are happening in the industry right now through the seminar programme. Each edition invites some of the biggest names in fashion to share their insights and expertise in informative seminars. 

Most recently, the artistic directors of Promostyl, Sebastien Renault and Malaika Ewande, went on stage to discuss heritage, luxury craftsmanship, classic and iconic luxury pieces through new, exciting lenses at “Nobleness: Elevated Tradition Sets the Tone for the Season.” But that’s just one example. Here are other notable seminars from the past: 

  • Trend Update: AW23 Window Shopping Trends 
  • Combining Purpose and Impact with your Marketing Strategy
  • The Art & Science of Buying: Improve gross profit by 43%
  • How to Sell on Instagram
  • Workshop: Real Circularity
  • 5 Simple Steps to Building your Own Online Brand

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How to get to PURE LONDON

On Foot

On Foot

from the Central Station on 37 Wharfdale Rd - 1h 47min walk



By Car

from the Central Station on 37 Wharfdale Rd - 28 min 

from Heathrow Airport is 25 min car ride


By Public Transport

from King's Cross St. Pancras Underground Station tke the blue metro line in direction Northfields fro 12 stops to Barons Court Station. From here you have additional 10 min walk to the venue (total = 36 min)
from Heathrow Airport walk to Hatton Cross Station and take the blue metro line in direction Cockfosters for 10 stops to Barons Court Station and in another 10 min to the venue (total = 46 min)