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Event Update

On 31.07.2024, Sandringham Flower Show 2024 will take place. The event will be held as a face-to-face exhibition. The hosting location of the event will be the Sandringham Estate in the UK. Covid-19 preventative measures will not be put in place at the Estate. This is because the UK removing its domestic restrictions as a result of the improving pandemic situation. The country also does not have travel limitations in place.

A Brief Overview of Sandringham Flower Show

Sandringham Flower Show entices visitors with the very finest show gardens, floristry, and plants grown in the Norfolk region. This long-lasting flower has been the main point for gardening clubs and garden designers to show off their creations, enter into competitions and exchange tips. The flower show creates the perfect environment for exhibitors to connect with local communities and make a high number of direct sales due to the event’s popularity.

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

Your commitment to the Sandringham Flower Show is short-term as the show lasts for only one day, so participation is relatively low cost. There’s also the matter that the flower show consistently brings in large groups of visitors over the entire day, so you’ll be busy selling products and having your name out there. Here are some statistics:

  • 139 years of history and Royal Patronage
  • 200 trade stands available to exhibitors
  • 20,000+ overall visitors attend the show

Industry Relevance

The Sandringham Flower Show is steeped in history. It was founded in 1881, for one, and it’s held near Sandringham House, which is the current country retreat for Queen Elizabeth II. The flower show has humble beginnings as a stimulus for tenants on the estate to maintain their gardens, and this spirit has continued to this day through the various show garden and amateur garden competitions.

Alongside the variety of plants, flowers, gardening supplies, fruits and vegetables, visitors can also discover a lot of local crafts and delicious food during the day. The continued Royal patronage of the Sandringham Flower Show adds prestige to exhibitors and competitors. Additionally, there’s a lot of activities to partake in from open classes to thrilling arena acts.

Who Are You Going to Meet?

The bulk of the visitors attend Sandringham Flower Show as a swell day trip. It’s mostly holiday makers from all over the country and local communities who come to enjoy good food, excellent weather and do some sightseeing.

Tickets allow visitors to Sandringham Gardens, Museum, and Church. In addition, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall make an appearance every year. Tourists aside there are a lot of amateur gardeners, who sign up for the King George Vl Challenge Cup and the Queen Mother Challenge Cup. Gardening clubs, professional garden designers, local nurseries and farmers all attend the flower show as well.

Additional Value of Attending 

It’s not a flower show without some friendly competition. It’s what amateur gardeners come for year after year. Perhaps the most breathtaking of all competitions at the Sandringham Flower Show are the Cottage Garden Competitions. It’s where gardeners can fully showcase their skills and creativity while vying for prestigious awards and cash prizes.

One of the highly anticipated competitions is the King George VI Challenge Cup, which recognises the best cultivated Sandringham Estate Garden. Competitors aim to score the highest number of points based on the evaluation of the judges. Entrants who demonstrate sufficient merit will be rewarded based on the number of points awarded, with each point valued at £1. The winner of the Cup will receive a cash prize of £200, while second and third place will be awarded £100 and £60 respectively.

The Queen Mother Challenge Cup celebrates the garden judged to be the most pleasing to the eye. Unlike the King George VI Challenge Cup, there are no specific requirements regarding the type of garden. The judges solely rely on their own criteria to determine which garden they find most aesthetically appealing. The winner of this cup will also receive a cash prize of £200, with second and third place being awarded £100 and £60 respectively.

All gardens entering the King George VI Challenge Cup and the Queen Mother Challenge Cup are automatically entered into the Fred Waite Plantsman's Shield competition. This competition, introduced in 2018 in memory of Mr. Fred Waite LVO RVM, an expert plantsman, aims to recognise outstanding features within the gardens. The winner of the Fred Waite Plantsman's Shield will receive a cash prize of £80 and a signed book.

In addition to the main prizes, the judges have the discretion to award further cash prizes of £40 for exceptional features in any of the gardens such as lawns, water features, greenhouses, patio areas and flower borders. These additional awards serve as a testament to the skill, creativity, and dedication of the gardeners participating in the competition.

The Sandringham Flower Show is not just about stunning floral displays and horticultural delights; it also offers a captivating lineup of arena entertainment that leaves visitors thoroughly entertained every single year. The arena shows have something for everyone in terms of fun, performance and the demonstration of incredible skills. The 2023 edition is also no different with a rich programme that engages spectators young and old. 

One of the highlights of the arena entertainment is the Atkinson Action Horses. These magnificent equine performers showcase their agility, grace and strength in a thrilling display of equestrian skills. The Ridgeside Falconry Display takes center stage to demonstrate the centuries-old art of falconry. Audiences witness the beauty of these magnificent birds of prey as they showcase their aerial prowess and demonstrate the bond between falconer and bird.

The sounds of Scotland fill the air as the Peterborough Highland Pipe Band takes to the arena. Their stirring bagpipe melodies and commanding drum rhythms create a captivating atmosphere, transporting visitors to the rugged landscapes of the Scottish Highlands. If traditional Scottish music is not up to your taste, how about some true thrills offered by the IMPS Motorcycle Display Team. Skilled motorcyclists push the limits of riding as they perform daring stunts, formations and jumps. Now let’s look up towards the clear blue sky, where the Red Devils Parachute Display Team will drop from unimaginable heights to the delight of viewers. You can expect impressive formations!

Past editions

Sandringham Flower Show 2023

26.07.2023 - 26.07.2023

Sandringham Flower Show

Cancelled because of COVID 19

How to get to Sandringham Flower Show

On Foot

On Foot

King’s Lynn – not advisable

London Stansted Airport – not advisable


By Car

King’s Lynn – via A1078 and A149, 15 mins

London Stansted Airport - 1h38 mins via A10


By Public Transport

King’s Lynn – via transport 35, 29 mins

London Stansted Airport – not advisable