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A Brief Overview of Tandfaglige Dage

Tandfaglige Dage presents visitors with all the latest products and innovations in the field of dental medicine and dentistry. The international trade fair targets the Danish market and functions as an efficient procurement platform geared for the Scandinavian region. Tandfaglige Dage combines a rich product portfolio with informative programming that makes your attendance worth your time and money. Attending guarantees easy entry into Denmark as a brand. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

Tandfaglige Dage creates the perfect conditions to close deals and form new partnerships. Supply meets demand over the course of three days, and the quality of visitors is quite high. You’ll make more than enough to earn back all the costs associated with exhibiting. In previous editions before rebranding and the pandemic, Tandfaglige Dage generated consistent interest. Here are the key numbers from previous live editions: 

  • 150+ international exhibitors in attendance
  • 8000+ international dental professionals made the trip

Industry Relevance 

Tandfaglige Dage has existed since 1968 but operated under the name Scandefa until 2018 when organisers decided to unite two parallel events Annual Course and Scandefa. This way the trade fair combined with the conference to create a much stronger concept. Editions are held every year in April at the Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark.   

The exhibition halls feature the entire product value chain. You’ll discover the latest and best in pharmaceuticals, practical furniture, dental aesthetics, dental drills, dental hygiene, oral hygiene, auxiliary materials for dental purposes, cleaners, prophylaxis and retention aids. As a result, this is the one-stop shop for many buyers. It’s why exhibitors often wait to time new product releases whenever a new edition is on the horizon. Product launches perform exceptionally well especially when accompanied by live demonstrations. 

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

Tandfaglige Dage represents the complete professional ecosystem in Denmark and the surrounding region. You’ll meet with dental trade, dentists, dental surgery staff, dental laboratories, industry, service providers, research and development, apprentices and students. Everyone who is anyone on a local level will be there looking to source new products, research the market and exchange expertise. The trade fair remains incredibly dynamic and provides exhibitors with enough qualified leads throughout the entire event. 

In terms of nationality, the biggest segment belongs to Danish professionals. After all, Tandfaglige Dage is the primary meeting point for the dental community in Denmark. They’re followed by trade visitors from Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium and more. The event is predominantly popular with visitors from Northern Europe.

In terms of exhibitors, you’ll showcase side by side with Align Technology, Danish Dentists, the Danish Society for Oral Implantology, Colgate, Beyond International Inc., Dentorium, Eurofins Miljø Vand, Greenland dental care, Focus Dental Service Aps, W&H Nordic and Sunstar Sweden.

Additional Value of Attending 

Socialisation is a key concept at Tandfaglige Dage. It’s important to keep your contacts alive and expand your professional network. The Dental Association's stand is where most networking takes place. In the mornings, visitors can grab a great cup of coffee and sit down for a quick chat. After the day wraps up, you can head there between 16:00 and 17:00 for a free drink to relax and catch up with colleagues. 

The trade fair is much more than a procurement platform. The academic programme is not to be missed as it features top speakers, but be advised that all sessions are held in Danish. For the 2022 edition, the overarching theme was professionalism - medication use, communication with patients and the newest standards in practice. The programme included four distinct sessions on tips for employment contracts – for clinical assistants and students, for dental hygienists and dentists, for dental hygienists and dentists, and for clinical assistants and students. Other sessions covered topics like optimising LinkedIn, dental health without borders as well as employment conditions in the public sector.

When it came to medical issues, dentists discussed the root causes of dental problems in children and young people. This includes snuff, smoking (E-cigarettes and ordinary cigarettes) and alcohol. The focus fell on how substance abuse leads to oral cavity changes and a heightened risk for oral cancer. The conference on social dental care explored the specific demographic – who they are, what their issues are and how dentists can deliver the best care possible. Here, factors like mental illness and abuse come to the foreground. The session concluded with a round-up and discussion of the importance of networking. 

On the more practical side, Jan Tagesen (a specialist dentist) led an informative session for clinic assistants on infiltration anesthesia. The session covered the theory around infiltration anesthesia along with practical tips on how to get practical training at your own clinic.

Birgitte Klindt Poulsen (senior physician and clinical associate professor) discusses the medication consumption by patients. The session dove deep into what professional standards apply and how to meet them and all the steps necessary to record a patient's medical history. With so many parts and components, it’s easy to forget important preparations and this is the session that provided a comprehensive look into the entire process. 

New technology was also investigated thoroughly in several of the sessions. Simon Kold, Peter Lindkvist and Kenneth Vikkelsø Jordy (dentists) led a session on smile designs. Visitors had the opportunity to sit down and learn all about the cutting-edge solutions in the field of endodontics and computer-assisted implantology. Over the course of three hours, the session covered the latest in bone building and implant surgery. 

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