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Event Update

The 2024 edition of the Shrewsbury Flower Show will be held as a live event at the Quarry Park in Shrewsbury, the UK. The event will be hosted between 09.08.2024 and 10.08.2024.

A Brief Overview of the Shrewsbury Flower Show 

The Shrewsbury Flower Show is a Guinness record-holder for the longest-running flower show in the world and there’s a reason for its longevity. The flower show commits to showcasing the best talent within the United Kingdom when it comes to florists, garden designers and growers. The annual show also aims to please visitors with lots of live entertainment and vendors that offer art, antiques, wines, honey and bee products, fresh vegetables and fruit. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It 

There are two major reasons to exhibit at the Shrewsbury Flower Show – reputation and scale. It is a solid bet that you will raise your profile overall by exhibiting at a show with over a century of history. This longevity also translates to a steady stream of large crowds, which is quite useful for stimulating direct sales and building brand awareness: 

  • 60,000+ visitors in total per edition;
  • 133 years of tradition;
  • 29 acres of exhibition space; 

Industry Relevance 

The Shrewsbury Flower Show is held every single summer during August in Shrewsbury and the location of the event is the town’s main park, The Quarry. As mentioned, the flower show has a rich history since its inception in 1857 and the early iterations of the show feature high wire acts and balloon ascents, which created quite the spectacle. Today, the importance of the show has to do with honouring the long-standing gardening tradition through gardening competitions and the stimulation of the local economy. That’s why in addition to the flower and nursery exhibits, there is lots of local produce, foods and wine, honey and bee products around for purchase. Fireworks, lectures and military band performances are all in order at the Shrewsbury Flower Show. 

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

The main businesses that exhibit and take part in the gardening competitions are nurseries, garden designers, florists and growers. Some of the names associated in the past include Brighter Blooms, Chrysanthemums Direct, Cooks Garden Centre, Dibley’s Nurseries, Every Picture Tells a Story, Hoyland Plant, Jacques Armand Int, Palms Exotics, Roualeyn Fuchsias and Tynings Climbers. The Shrewsbury Flower Show attracts a lot of people involved within the flower and gardening sectors, who are looking for purchases, probe the market and partake in the Marquee exhibits. The rest are people on holiday, locals and families with children. Prior to the 2020 cancellation due to COVID-19, the flower show had been cancelled only during the two World Wars. 

Additional Value of Attending 

The Shrewsbury Flower Show offers a delightful array of events, performers and activity areas that guarantee a memorable experience for visitors of all ages. After all, the flower show doubles as a community festival and that comes with all kinds of perks from captivating circus acts to fast-and-furious bike displays. No matter what interests the general public, it can be found on the show grounds easily. 

One of the main attractions is The Farmyard Circus, where circus performers swap their traditional ruffles and sequins for denim and pitchforks. This unique troupe combines heartwarming songs, wheelbarrow acrobatics and an arsenal of stunts to tell stories of hard work and playful mischief. Their performances capture the essence of summer days on the farm. It’s a performance that will appeal the most to young children, who will definitely smile and laugh throughout. 

If you’re craving a little bit of more mature entertainment and love thrills, then head over to the arena dedicated for the M.A.D Team (Mountain Bike Aerial Display Team). Considered the UK's number one mountain bike team, these veteran performers have been astounding their audience worldwide with tricks, stunts and skills since 1996. 

Comprised of former World and British Champions, these talented riders showcase jaw-dropping flips, spins, hops, balancing tricks and other manoeuvers. Accompanied by their witty professional commentator, their performances are unlike anything else on the scene. Plus, these bikers regularly interact with the audience. Over the course of nearly three decades, the M.A.D Team has left an impression on the British public through media appearances on Britain's Got Talent, Blue Peter, Channel 4, and The Extreme Sports Channel. 

Visitors can also explore the Lecture Marquee, where top gardening experts share their knowledge on various plant-related topics. This is a great opportunity to learn from the best and gain valuable insights into horticulture and gardening techniques. 

Music enthusiasts will be pleased to know that each day at the Shrewsbury Flower Show features exciting musical guests. From tribute bands honouring legendary acts like The Beatles to pop sensations like Liberty X, the performances promise to keep audiences entertained. Just grab a drink and enjoy the evening. Additionally, the Bandstand offers a platform for band music lovers, showcasing talented musicians and bands who will delight with their melodies. 

Families with young children can head on over to the Children's Area. In 2023, organisers hired Giant Sloths to roam around the greens and interact with guests. In between their naps, they greet visitors and move around on their tricycles. The Circus Skills Area provides an opportunity for kids to try their hand at various kid-friendly activities under staff supervision. And let's not forget the timeless joy of bubbles, with a designated area where children can immerse themselves in the enchanting world of iridescent spheres. 

With its diverse range of events, performers and activity areas, the Shrewsbury Flower Show offers a delightful and entertaining experience for all attendees. From thrilling displays to educational lectures and interactive attractions, this event celebrates the beauty of nature while providing a wonderful day out for families and enthusiasts alike.

Past editions

Shrewsbury Flower Show 2023

11.08.2023 - 12.08.2023

Shrewsbury Flower Show

How to get to Shrewsbury Flower Show

On Foot

On Foot

Birmingham Airport – not advisable

Shrewsbury Railway Station – via A5191, 13 mins


By Car

Birmingham Airport – via M6 Toll and M54, 1h7mins

Shrewsbury Railway Station - via A5191, 5 mins


By Public Transport

Birmingham Airport – via Transport for Wales train, 1h31mins

Shrewsbury Railway Station – not available