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SMTconnect keeps you well informed on the innovations and rapid changes in electrical engineering and electronics – two constantly evolving fields. Have the chance to get your company noticed at this international exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, and delegate your travel arrangements to GETA ltd.

Time is running out, but it’s easy to book a hotel for SMTconnect with GETA ltd to advise you on the current best deals. As a result of years in this line of work, we have grown our network of hotels and guesthouses across all hotel ratings and price ranges. It a takes us a single day to secure your accommodation. You gain a lot more free time to plan your attendance whether you’re looking to launch a product or research the competition. SMTconnect covers system development, production planning, reliability and testing, and software among other links in the whole supply chain.

Business trips are a simple thing when GETA ltd works by your side and works the details of your travels.

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