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!!! Important !!! The 2020 edition of spoga + gafa has been officially cancelled by the organisers due to coronavirus. 

SPOGA + GAFA comes to Cologne to showcase what’s need in the world of gardening, covering everything from soils and accessories to heavy gardening equipment. Organizers project that more than 2000 international exhibitors will open a book and more than 40,000 industry insiders will flock to them. Organize your business trip and make the planning all the easier with GETA ltd in charge of your online bookings. Your SPOGA + GAFA hotel reservation will take us as little as a day to complete just based on your tastes and specified travel budget.

GETA ltd specializes in business travel and provide you with a customized list of SPOGA + GAFA hotels compatible with your goals. Whether you want to be located a stone’s throw away from the exhibition show and rub shoulders with industry giants or wish to recharge your batteries in a quiet apartment, it’s up to you. SPOGA + GAFA has prepared a packed program with numerous product demonstrations, barbecue presentations and networking events.

Make sure you’re at your best at SPOGA + GAFA with GETA ltd by your side.

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