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Hiking and trekking enthusiasts gather again at TourNatur to celebrate this unique lifestyle in for three days in the beginning of September. Held in Germany, this event serves a stage for the latest trends in and designs of hiking equipment and supplies. With 275 exhibitors planned to showcase their products and services, attendance is project to be in the thousands. Finding an affordable hotel near the exhibition becomes a challenge, one which GETA ltd can solve with ease.

All you have to do is hike to TourNatur and pick a location – in walking distance from the expo grounds or in a quiet place that has direct transport links. Just gives us your budget and location preference. This way you can leave the hunt for a perfect order and then booking to the professionals, while you dedicate yourself to acquainting yourself with what’s new in the many product groups. TourNatur takes you around the world with its special show – 5,000 Destinations under One Roof – that educates hikers on brand new frontiers.

You can take part of this discussion and GETA ltd can help you out planning.

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