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Event Update

VICENZAORO + T-GOLD 2025 will take place as a live trade show between the dates of 17.01.2025 and 21.01.2025. The event will be held at Fiera di Vicenza, which will not feature Covid-19 prevention measures. This is due to the country removing its pandemic-related restrictions.

A Brief Overview of VICENZAORO + T-Gold

VICENZAORO + T-Gold are the preferred duo of international trade fairs servicing the entire gold and jewellery sector in the world, and the first appointments in the professional calendar. Visitors are able to experience the full assortment of jewellery collections, precious metals and jewellery making tools and technologies all in one place. The trade fairs facilitate business and connect top buyers with relevant suppliers. You’re able to position your products on a truly global stage and gain insights on the current trends. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

VICENZAORO + T-Gold gather the entire professional community together for a productive and intense networking event, where exhibitors connect with world-class buyers. The quality of sales leads is undisputed and participation translates to international visibility. You’re the one that sets the trends and have a complete overview of the market. The B2B is the ideal procurement platform considering the numbers from the last edition: 

  • 400 international hosted buyers
  • 1300 international brands exhibited 
  • 11.5% rise in attendance compared to the record edition of 2020
  • 136 countries represented in total

Industry Relevance   

VICENZAORO + T.Gold open the calendar year with editions scheduled for late January and are the go-to business platform for the gold and jewellery industry at large. The trade fairs are based out of Fiera di Vicenza. VICENZAORO brings in the full value chain of Made in Italy production – a leader in the global jewellery and gold industry. New products and collection previews make their debut here and exhibitors are able to create early buzz and boost initial sales right from the start of the year. Buyers can find everything on the exhibition floor from unbranded production to high-end jewellery brands.

T.Gold targets the production and manufacturing side of the industry. Exhibitors showcase the next generation of machinery and processing technologies for jewellery and precious metals. You get to see how skill and centuries-old traditions in jewellery making meet new technologies. Here is where you’ll see new solutions on how to streamline processing and optimise production in a meaningful way. VICENZAORO + T.Gold are also paired with crucial events for the watchmaking segment: TIME (exclusively for B2B networking) and VO Vintage (a growing B2C trade fair).

Organisers report the continuous growth of VICENZAORO + T.Gold not just in importance, but also in size. The 2023 edition of T.Gold saw the trade fair grow its exhibition space by 10%. This is a clear signal that the trade fairs have cemented their reputation as the global centre of the gold and jewellery industry. 

You see this in the official support the fairs receive from the Italian government and organisations. The 2023 editions were visited by officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and ITA (the Italian Trade Agency that works to promote Italian companies on the international market). 

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

VICENZAORO + T.Gold is the meeting point for professionals working in Italy’s big associations – Confindustria Federorafi, Confartigianato Orafi and Confcommercio Federpreziosi, Confimi Industria Categoria Orafa ed Argentiera, CNA Orafi, Assogemme, Assocoral, AFEMO & CIBJO. As an exhibitor, you get to grow your network with the industry’s leaders and decision makers as well as learn from their expertise during the information programme. 

Trade visitors represent a wide variety of backgrounds: retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, agencies and private labels. The majority of visitors are decision makers when it comes to purchasing and their main goal is to survey new products and make purchases. There’s also the hosted buyers programme that connects you to big buyers from all over the world. Organisers report that their numbers have risen by +27.2% compared to the previous edition. 

The level of internationality is also quite satisfactory. VICENZAORO + T.Gold pulls trade visitors from all over Europe (Greece, Germany, Spain, the UK and France). They make up over half of the audience (54.5%). Outside of Europe, you see a growing interest from the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, the Arab Emirates and Israel) and Asia (India, Japan and Thailand). The Americas are also a felt presence with a lot of buyers coming from the United States and South American countries like Brazil. 

Additional Value of Attending 

VICENZAORO + T.Gold build on top of an incredible business experience with an informative programme that touches upon the most important topics that shape the future of the jewellery and gold industry. You can sit down for a variety of presentations. Examples from the 2023 edition include “Piazza Italia: toward a more sustainable internationalization with our B2B digital integration.” Alberto Milani, Co-Founder Piazza Italia, dove deep into the current generation of technologies that are transforming the industry as we speak. The presentation showed ways how to embrace the full potential of technology to change the market rather than just adapt to it. 

“Women driving sustainability in mining” gathered women in high-ranking positions to discuss the issues that rise of mining and its impact on the environment. “90s and 2000s, new shapes that taste like Vintage” followed trends and designs from previous decades as influences for the newest trends emerging right now. Perhaps the biggest and most important out of all events is the packed Jewellery Technology Forum, which sees influential players break down market opportunities, new designs, emerging technologies and changes in consumer behaviour. It’s not to be missed.  

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1 300+

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increase in attendance rate compared to previous edition


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How to get to VICENZAORO + T-GOLD

On Foot

On Foot

Venice Marco Polo Airport – not advisable

Vicenza Railway Station – 57 mins via Viale Sant' Agostino



By Car

Venice Marco Polo Airport – 50 mins via A4/E70

Vicenza Railway Station – 9 mins via Viale Sant' Agostino



By Public Transport

Venice Marco Polo Airport – not advisable

Vicenza Railway Station – 14 mins via 1214