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VICENZAORO + T-GOLD is the premier exhibition of gold, jewellery, silverware, gemstones and watches with all the emerging trends on display. The event is being staged in Vicenza, Italy, and lasts of a grand total of six days with thousands make their way to attend. Avoid the crowds in search of accommodation and arrange your business trip with the help of GETA ltd.

GETA ltd works with professionals on the road and offers a truly bespoke service that is fully tailored towards your individual tastes and preferences. You check in a hotel room that spares your budget and locates you close to the VICENZAORO + T-GOLD exhibition centre. You also get access to public transport to simplify the commuting process. This ensures you’re always on time for the day’s program and can close the biggest deals for the year.

Whatever your goals for VICENZAORO + T-GOLD, GETA ltd can give you a great head start in charge of your online booking.

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