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VINISUD celebrates the finer qualities of Mediterranean wines and spirits in a diverse international trade show representing over 1700 exhibitors showcasing their best vintages in the region. Montpellier, France serves as the host. Organizers project attendance to surpass 31,000 industry insiders and buyers – all the more reason to start on your travel arrangements right now. GETA ltd is the place to find the best hotel discounts no matter the size of your budget.

Don’t waste days comparing hotel rates and researching locations, when GETA ltd can book a hotel for VINISUD in a single day. We have a large database of hotels in Montpellier across every price category, ensuring you get quality stay within your budget. You won’t pay a small fortune for your accommodation and instead have more to invest at VINISUD. The trade show is a marketplace and platform to build a reputation in this beverage sector. In addition to the exhibition booths, you participate in wine tastings, conferences and talks.

With GETA ltd in charge of your business trip, you can be sure your visit to VINISUD is going to be a resounding success.

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