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With the approach of October, collectors and art experts prepare for the WINTER OLYMPIA ART AND ANTIQUES FAIR edition held in London, UK. The international trade fair is a celebration of interior design and antiques from the four corners of the world. There will be over 120 dealers who will bring you more 30,000 pieces from art and furniture to jewellery and other collectable pieces. This results in an attendance of over 20,000. If you’re attending be sure to get your hotel room as soon as possible from GETA ltd.

Business trips are investments of time, money and effort. Maximize your resources and hire GETA to handle the reservation process, if you want to book a hotel for WINTER OLYMPIA ART AND ANTIQUES FAIR that’s affordable and in a great location. We have a large database of hotels in every price category and location to deliver a bespoke travel experience. This way you can focus on the fair’s program. Apart from the wealth of items available for purchase, there will be a series of talks of varying topics. Interior designer Philip Gorrivan discuss interior trends in the 17th-20th century periods – a must-attend lecture!

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