Address Dubai Marina Hotel

Al Marsa Street, Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE
Total area:
734 m2
  • Rooms & halls:
About The Venue

The Address Dubai Marina Hotel is one of the premium hotels in Dubai. It is owned by the Address, a premier luxury hotel group. It is situated close to the Dubai Marina. The hotel is a luxury location with a corporate event capacity of about 1100 people and 734 m2.  Because of its high-end luxury and popular location, the hotel is often the hosting site of high-profile events. For instance, the Patient Safety Expo has taken place at the hotel.

The Address Dubai Marina is a high-end luxury hotel with 200 rooms. It also includes within its grounds, a ballroom and open-air meeting area. The ballroom can accommodate 1000 people and has access to natural light as well as ample space. The open-air meeting areas is by the hotel’s infinity pool and can accommodate 100 people. Both meeting areas have modern amenities such as fast wireless internet. The hotel has on-site catering in the form of several restaurants. Additionally, the 2 meeting areas have access to a terrace which can be used as part of the area during the day or night. 


How to get to Address Dubai Marina Hotel
On foot

Dubai Airport – not advisable

Global Village 1 – not advisable


By Car

Dubai Airport – 30 mins via E11

Global Village 1 – 25 mins via Hessa St/D61


By public transport

Dubai Airport – 1hr10mins via MRed

Global Village 1 – not available


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