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Corato or Quarate in Barese, is both an Italian commune and town. It is the twin city of Grenoble in France. Corato is situated in the Metropolitan City of Bari, in South-East Italy. It is a town with an ancient past as it was founded in 1046. The commune is an agricultural centre highly regarded for its olive production and hosting of international fairs. For instance, it is one of the hosting sites of the Enovitis Fair.

 Corato was founded in 1046 by Peter I of Trani, the city’s first Norman Count. By the end of the 15th century, it had become a subject of Alfonso V, one of Aragon’s kings. The commune and city have a total area space of 167 km2 and an approximate population of about 48,316 people. The town can be reached from Bari Airport in 40 minutes by car. Similarly, the Barletta Centrale FNB is 30 minutes from the town.


How to get to Corato
On foot

Bari International Airport-Karol Wojtyla – not advisable

Barletta Centrale FNB – not advisable


By Car

Bari International Airport-Karol Wojtyla – 40 mins via SP231

Barletta Centrale FNB – 30 mins via SS16


By public transport

Bari International Airport-Karol Wojtyla – 50 mins via FR2

Barletta Centrale FNB – 1 hr via BB


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