Couvent des Jacobins

20 Place Sainte-Anne, Rennes, France
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The Couvent des Jacobins (not to be confused with the famous chateau of the same name) is former Jacobin monastery. It is in Rennes, France and was founded in 1280 courtesy of Eleanor of Castile, the wife of Edward I of England. The name comes from the French term for the members of the Dominican Order, Jacobin. The venue is classified as a historic monument since 1971. The venue provides several meeting areas within the historic building including two auditoriums, 25 committee rooms and an exhibition space. The Couvent des Jacobins is often used for the hosting of various high-profile events. For instance, the Organic World Congress and C&ESAR's: Automation in Cybersecurity are hosted at this site. 

The Couvent des Jacobins was founded in 1280. It was a Jacobin or Dominican Monastery which accommodated the friars of the order for many years. The building of the venue has partially destroyed over the course of its history and restored. Prior to becoming an event venue, it has served as a school, market, museum, fire-station, and others. The Couvent des Jacobins has several meeting areas with flexibility. These include two auditoriums: one able to accommodate 1000 people and another which can seat 400. Additionally, there are 25 committee rooms which can seat about 400. There is furthermore an exhibition space of 4000 m2 which can be used for the hosting of trade shows and exhibitions.


How to get to Couvent des Jacobins
On foot

Airport Rennes Bretagne – not advisable

Place de la Gare – 20 mins via Avenue Jean Javier

By Car

Airport Rennes Bretagne – 20 mins via N136

Place de la Gare – 10 mins via Rue Dupont-des-Loges

By public transport

Airport Rennes Bretagne – 40 mins via transport C6

Place de la Gare – 5 mins via transport a

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