Institucion Ferial Alicantina

N-340, km 731 – 03320 Elche (Alicante), Alicante, Spain, Alicante, Spain
Total area:
33314 m2
  • Rooms & halls:
  • Visitors per year:
    300 000+
About The Venue

The Institucion Ferial Alicantina or IFA is one of Spain and Alicante's leading event venues. It is a spacious event complex with 20 meeting areas and an event space of 33314 m2. It has around 3000 parking spaces and hosts over 20 fairs per year. The venue is visited by more than 300 000 people. Among the notable events which attract visitors is the Viveralia Fair.

The Institucion Ferial Alicantina has 20 meeting spaces. These include 2 pavilions with a total space of 28000 m2. There are also 2 outdoor spaces - these include the area known as the Boulevard and an exterior auditorium. The venue furthermore has 12 meeting halls with capacities between 20 and 80 or more people. The IFA additionally has an Agora with 2000 m2 of space, 2 indoor auditoriums and a hall linked to one of the pavilions. The venue has modern amenities, flexible spaces as well as access to 3000 parking spaces.


How to get to Institucion Ferial Alicantina
On foot

Alicante Airport – 35 mins via N-340

Railway station Renfe Torrellano – 21 mins via Ctra. Alicante-Murcia/N-340


By Car

Alicante Airport – 7 mins via N-340

Railway station Renfe Torrellano – 4 mins via Ctra. Alicante-Murcia/N-340


By public transport

Alicante Airport – not available

Railway station Renfe Torrellano – not available


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